CSD Knowledge Nugget: From The Legendary Steve Sabol

“Nothing lasts unless it can be expressed in the terms of a human spirit.”

Steve Sabol (1942-2012)


I just watched the NFL network’s, A Football Life: Steve Sabol, with my sons. Steve, founder of NFL Films, revolutionized sports television and to a lesser degree, sports video games such as the John Madden franchise.

Steve’s story is absolutely amazing, but the story and relationship he had with his father is even better.

Check out the video below that Steve put together about his dad, Ed Sabol, for his enshrinement as a member of the Hall of Fame class of 2011.


Knowing that Steve’s work has impacted multiple generations in terms of what they watch, he realized it was the impact he had on how people lived their lives that prompted the statement above.

It’s also a good reminder for us dads that it’s not the college fund or inheritance that we leave for our kids that lasts. But the imprint we leave upon their spirit, that will last for generations.





CornerstoneDad Podcast #9 – “Legends Beyond the Field”

It’s opening day of the 2012 baseball season! Today my son will be telling us about the life of a very special player in baseball history. We plan to make this a regular segment, and today’s the perfect day for it to debut.  

Perhaps we’ll call it, Legends Beyond the Field?

Just click here to listen to the show.