CSD Hide Your Son or Daughter Watch: Kanye and Kim Are Having A Baby!

Lets end the year with the things that American’s care about most:

The Fiscal Cliff!

Source: Business Week Illustration by 731

Source: Business Week – Illustration by 731

SIKE! (That’s old school for, “NOT”)

Ah, forget that Fiscal Cliff stuff and the impact it is going to have on the middle class and how it might plunge the country right back into a recession. Who wants to read over the Simpson-Bowles plan anyway?

That mess is way too boring.

Plus, we are “going over” anyway, so lets party!

Lets get on to the more important things in life: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expecting a child!

Now, how did the proud pappa to be announce it to the world?


“Her boyfriend Kanye West announced the exciting news during his concert at Revel in Atlantic City on Sunday. The rapper said “stop the music””, then announced “make noise for my baby mama right here.” (http://www.zimbio.com/)



Gents, we are about to hit another year. As a man who has been there, it’s all smiles and giggles at this stage of the game. But whether we are talking about Kanye, Cool Pappa, or John-Fill-in-the-Blank, your future child deserves to be brought up in a home with both parents. Now it’s bad enough this child will grow up with parents who have a quite interesting past to say the least, but if (or maybe when) this relationship goes south, he or she will be a celebrity football and likely starring on the Kardashian’s reality show in one shape of form and likely without daddy.

You know what that means right? Hide your son or daughter because if this baby follows in momma or daddy’s footsteps, your holiday family get-together’s may become a lot more interesting!


Will they even get married? If not, what’s their excuse for not doing so? Maybe they have to wait until they get their finances straight. According to Forbes.com, the net worth of K.W. is $35 million (as of May 2012) and K.K. is said to be over $40 million according to Forbes (as of June 2012).

I remember having conversations with a guy who believed low-income people should not have children and that is justification for the push for Planned-Parenthood and other abortion clinics in urban low-income areas. My retort was that why is this always the group that gets sterilized and focused upon, but no one seems to have an issue with Hollywood celebrities intentionally raising children out-of-wedlock?

So money is the antidote for problems facing single-parent households? Money and fame fill in the gap for the stability of a two-parent household?

I don’t think so…homie don’t play that one.

Homie the Clown

I’ve been there on both sides, so this is not just theory for me. That said, we never know what life may bring us. So if we unintentionally find ourselves in the position of being a single-parent then we must rise. However, as I’m sure both KW and KK, each of whom has lost a parent, will admit that mom and dad bring something unique to the table. Therefore, it should still be upheld as the standard and news like this only publicly lowers the bar for society.

That’s not good for Hollywood or The Hood.

But let me end with a note of optimism, because maybe Kanye said it best, “Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke….”.

So what do you think?

Let us know in the comment section below!


Meet Shawty Lo and His 10 Baby Mommas…Coming Soon On Oxygen


My man Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote a book called The Assassination of the Black Male Image. While many seem to believe that many African-American men are just being hypersensitive and race-baiting when this topic comes up, I find it hard to argue with the images put out there by the media for all the world to see about black men.


We all know that every people group has their “dark side” and the money to be made through reality TV shows mean that even the dominate group gets exposed with shows like Honey Boo Boo. However, for every “Honey Boo Boo”, there are shows like “The Bachelor” showing a rich and handsome prince having his pick of numerous dainty-damsels. African-American’s get Flavor Flav and Ray J. complete with ladies that…well…lets just say they appear to never have had a father in any stage of their lives.

Now the dominate culture has polygamous Kody Brown, who stars on TLC’s hit, “Sister Wives”. The show displays a loving guy who is just living a normal life with his four wives and 28 children.

What image is put on TV showing the African-American male?

Shawty-Lo and ten mother’s of his children, aka “baby mommas”.

I was hoping this is a joke, but after reading the article below and the accompanying video on the website (parental discretion is advised if you choose to watch the video), I’m afraid it is not. It just appears to be another project that gets the green-light from Hollywood because it fits into every stereotype about African-American men, women, and children.

Somehow, I don’t think they would want to do a show on my Christian, homeschooling, cross-cultural family (interracial to use the inaccurate term). No, black people and white people don’t get along like that and that’s not compelling TV.

But let me give some CSD advice to Shawty Lo (actually, I have a lot of advice I’d like to give him):

Do your people group a favor. If you want to do a reality show, why don’t you marry all those women and have more kids so we can at least say you’re the black Kody and that you’re trying to be a good dad and husband. While I’m not down with polygamy, that’s much more palatable and a greater ambition. Because right now, you need to have that “Dave Chappelle moment” where you realize that the people putting together that show and hyping up your antics are not laughing with you, but laughing at you.

Kody Brown

…and likely millions of others will be doing the same at you, your girls, and your children.

At least think about your kids, because in the world of Google and Youtube, what you and the mothers are doing in front of the camera will live long after you are gone, and one day your children will have to live with the consequences. They may not be willing to sellout for fame and money like momma and daddy did, at least I sure hope not.

Oh yea, check out the podcast that I did with J-Sizzle, as we discussed what being a real father is all about: here.

“Someone at the Oxygen network has truly scrapped the bottom of the barrel for this one!

The cable network has announced the production of a new one-hour special, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” which features the day-to-day drama-filled shenanigans of Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo (pictured), his 10 baby mamas and their army of 11 children, reports TV By the Numbers.

The one-hit wonder rapper and G-Unit member, whose actual name is Carlos Walker, is surrounded by the women he bedded as well as their offspring. The project focuses on how everyone is vying for the attention of the homestead’s head honcho (who, by the way ain’t nothing at all to look at) and anti-birth control poster child.

Each baby mama has an eye-catching title such as the ‘First Lady E’Creia,’ who handles Lo’s finances and who was actually engaged to him at one point after he already had three children. Then there’s Angela, the “Fighter Baby Mama,” Amanda, the “Jealous Baby Mama,” Sujuan, the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama” and Tamara, the “No-Drama Baby Mama.”

(I know, the names take “ratchet monikers” to another level.) 

Lo, 36, also has a 19-year-old girlfriend, Ashlin, who is also featured on the show and who claims to be madly in love with him. The clueless young woman met Lo when he already had 10 children and is actually a year younger than his oldest child. My guess is that she, too, will soon make her shameful announcement of a bun in the oven so that Lo will have an even dozen.

The special, which in no way can be likened to the 60′s classic “The Brady Bunch,” is set to air in spring 2013. And, if the one-hour show gets green-lighted into an actual series, I for one, will cancel any connection to Oxygen that I agreed to with my cable installer!”

Source: http://newsone.com/2113581/shawty-lo-all-my-babies-mamas-oxygen-reality-show/

Merry Christmas From CornerstoneDad – Just Press Play While Opening Gifts


“Back In The Day”, Lillpappa used to always play Christmas music while the family opened gifts and until it was time to leave for my Godmother’s or Grandfather’s house.

That tradition remains the same for me and my household, as there’s nothing like having some good music in the background while we open presents.

So my gift to you all is from one of my favorite DJ’s ever, EJ Flavors. If everybody has a twin, this guy is my music twin for sure. You ever feel like you’re the only person that likes a particular song or artist? Well, I thought I was until I found out about EJ and all the jams that I’m sure we nod our heads to when they come on.

You know this mix is bad when it starts with Donny singing “This Christmas”!

So check out his Christmas 2009 mix, turn those speakers up, and open some presents while introducing the kids to some good music!

Click: EJ Flavors Christmas Music

Merry Christmas from CSD and keep spinning the classics EJ!


01 – Donny Hathaway – This Christmas
02 – Stevie Wonder – Someday At Christmas
03 – Luther Vandross – A Kiss For Christmas
04 – Sounds of Blackness – Soul Holidays
05 – BeBe & CeCe Winans_BeBe Winans_CeCe Winans – Jingle Bells
06 – The Salsoul Orchestra – The Little Drummer Boy
07 – Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas Is You
08 – Boyz II Men/Brian McKnight/Wanya Morris – Let It Snow
09 – Take 6 – Oh! He Is Christmas
10 – Mariah Carey – O Holy Night
11 – The Jackson 5 – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
12 – The Whispers – The Christmas Song
13 – Luther Vandross – O Come All Ye Faithful
14 – Alexander O’Neal – Remember Why (It’s Christmas)
15 – New Edition – The Joy Of Christmas
16 – Vanessa Williams – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
17 – Stevie Wonder – Ave Maria
18 – Luther Vandross – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
19 – Lou Rawls – Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
20 – Johnny Gill – Give Love on Christmas Day
21 – Jackson 5 – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
22 – Wham! – Last Christmas
23 – Luther Vandross – At Christmas Time
24 – The Salsoul Orchestra – Merry Christmas All
25 – Boyz II Men – Silent Night
26 – Lou Rawls – What Are You Doing New Years Eve_
27 – Whitney Houston – Who Would Imagine a King
28 – Ray Parker, Jr. – Christmas Time Is Here
29 – Lou Rawls – Christmas Will Really Be Christmas
30 – Luther Vandross – Every Year, Every Christmas
31 – New Edition – Give Love On Christmas Day
32 – En Vogue – Silent Night (Happy Holiday Mix)
33 – TLC – Sleigh Ride
34 – Run DMC – Christmas In Hollis
35 – King Sun D Moet – Christmas in the City
36 – Treacherous Three – Santa’s Rap (Beat Street Mix)
37 – The Rap All-Stars – Last Christmas
38 – Prince and the Revolution – Another Lonely Christmas
39 – Alexander O’Neal – Remember Why (It’s Christmas) Reprise

Reasons You May Want To Homeschool: You’re Worried Someone May Shoot Up The School On “Doomsday”


Okay, let me get this straight.

All we hear about is how important every single day of school is to students all across the country.

Yet, as I’m watching the late news right now, there is a list of school closings in my area so long that I thought it was ten-inches of snow already coming down.

Then my wife pointed out, “No, they are closed because of fear of something happening.”

Granted, I was in college when the clock changed from 1999 to 2000 (and we even had Prince’s 1999 theme song chanting, “Momma, why does everybody have a bomb?”) But I don’t remember people being worried that someone was going to blast up my university or my son’s elementary school? Granted, we were out that day, but still…

And on that note, let me get this straight.

So you are so worried that some crazy kid (or adult) is going to shoot up the school on December 21, but what makes you think those fools aren’t going to do something when class returns in January 2013?


Always remember, socialization is a two-way street (something homeschooling opponents often forget). When you have an optimistic outlook on socialization, you send your kids to school. But when you start realizing that no amount of “socialization” is worth the life or mental health of your child, it’s amazing that you pull them and put them right where mine have been from the very beginning:


Now who’s the one sheltering their kids?


P.S. – If rumors and one threat is enough justification to close suburban schools, then I guess they ought to close the doors and homeschool every innercity school then because those students have had to go to class under those conditions for over 30 years. Kids in my elementary school carried guns on the last day of class, but I still had to go. As many say, it’s not a problem until it hits the right people, and I guess that’s the case now.

Fears have some schools closing, parents keeping kids home Friday

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) — Fears about gun violence in schools and the world coming to an end on Friday have many school districts taking drastic measures.  They’re closing early before the holiday break.

Click here for the latest list of school closings

There have been rumors, but we’re told only one specific threat.  Police say a student posted online in Fraser that he would bring a gun to school and was threatening to shoot students.  He was taken into custody and is facing a 20 year felony.  Other than that, several police sources told me they’ve investigated, but found nothing substantial.  Yet some parents say they’ll play it safe and keep their children home on Friday.

The Mayan calendar predicts the world will end.  Ancient predictions of the apocalypse are one thing, but social media suggesting violent threats to schoolchildren, that’s become much more troublesome.

“I’m not letting my kids go to school tomorrow at all,” said Anthony Ventittelli.

He has three daughters.  One is a tenth grader and the other two are ninth graders, all in Hazel Park.

There have been Twitter and Facebook rumors of trouble at Hazel Park, but classes have not been canceled.

What did Ventittelli hear that has him uneasy?

“That they were going to shoot up the school because of this world ending thing or something that’s going on, and the principal said it was my choice.”

Hazel Park Schools told Fox 2 their police liaison investigated Twitter and Facebook rumors, but found nothing substantial.

Now Mayan apocalypse aside, when I spoke with school administrators who decided to cancel classes, they all seem to agree they did not want to cancel classes, but since they feel it has become a “fearful distraction”, they believed they were left with no choice.


CSD StrongDad Program: Determining and Eliminating Weaknesses

My Rack Pull weight, but getting this off the floor as a true Deadlift may be a bit more difficult!

My Rack Pull weight, but getting this off the floor as a true Deadlift may be a bit more difficult!

How are you CSDs coming with your StrongDad exercises that we talked about here?

Well, if you are discovering some weak areas as you push your body to the limit, check out the article below from elitefts.com. It provides a simple and easy to use checklist for determining where you may have muscle imbalances and what to do about them.

How I wish I had a list like this when I first started lifting…

Check it out and let us know how your lifting is going!


Determining and Strengthening Weaknesses


Tom Myslinski


1. Problem (P) – The bar feels heavy out of the power rack.
Weak Point (WP) – abdominals, hip flexors
Coaching Point (CP) #1 – Contract shoulder blades, flex, and arch back out of rack, requires a static contraction to maintain arch.
CP #2 – Create a neutral spine position, push out against belt.

2. P – Butt sits straight down, “Olympic style”
WP – Incorrect technique, hamstrings
CP #1 – Push butt back, “sprinter style”, to incorporate posterior chain (spinal erectors, glutes, hamstrings) thereby activating stretch reflex.
CP #2 – Perfect posture maintains the greatest mechanical advantage.

3. P – Knees buckle in
WP – Hips, glutes, external rotators
CP – Spread the floor by pushing out over the sides of your shoes.

4. P – Fall forward
WP – Low back, abs
CP #1 – Lead up out of hole with a spread, high chest
CP #2 – Push up with arms by keeping elbows positioned perpendicular under bar, letting the elbows rotate up and back causes the wrists to roll the bar high.
CP #3 – Do not squat into mirror, causes instability regulated by visual feedback

5. P – Stuck out of hole (bottom position)
WP – Incorrect technique, bar too heavy
CP – Not sitting back far enough to fully activate stretch reflex.

6. P – Stuck ½ – ¾ up
WP – Hips, glutes
CP – Develop accelerative strength, prolong rate of force production

Bench Press

1. P – Bar feels heavy or unstable
WP – Lats, posterior deltoids, external rotators, rotator cuff
CP – Contract shoulder blades, requires a static contraction to maintain, drive upper back into bench upon concentric contraction

2. P – Weak off of chest
WP – Bar too heavy, nobody fails off of the chest
CP #1 – Lower the bar with your back, “springboard effect”, activate stretch reflex
CP #2 – Develop accelerative strength, prolong rate of force production

3. P – Stuck ½ way up
WP – Triceps
CP #1 – Spread the bar with your grip, activate medial head of triceps
CP #2 – Keep elbows positioned perpendicular under bar, any rotation outwards transfers the load to the shoulder capsule

4. P – Pressing into the J-hooks
WP – Triceps
CP #1 – The shortest path between 2 points is a straight line, maintain a straight bar path
CP #2 – Do not push into bar, press yourself away from bar, create separation
CP #3 – keeping the elbows positioned perpendicular under the bar maintains the greatest mechanical advantage, any rotation outwards transfers the load to the shoulder capsule

5. P – Butt rises from bench
WP – Incorrect technique, bar too heavy, bench too low
CP #1 – Maintain correct posture, knees up, straighten legs or drive with heels
CP #2 – Do not arch low back, arch upper back by contracting shoulder blades

6. P – Head rises with eccentric lowering
WP – Incorrect technique
CP #1 – Maintain correct posture, keep head down with chin tucked
CP #2 – Concaving chest causes an increased distance for the bar to travel

Source: http://articles.elitefts.com/training-articles/determining-and-strengthening-weaknesses/


CSD Video Of The Day: All I Want For Christmas… A Car From This Drag Race

2013 Nissan GT-RToday’s “come here kids, sit on my lap and check this out” video is brought to you by Lillpappa (my dad for those who aren’t in the know).

I’m just happy to say that I’ve been blessed to experience the power of three of these rides! Unfortunately, the BRZ was one of them. Not that it’s bad, but as you’ll see in the video, “one of these things just doesn’t belong here”.

Are there any cars that you think should be added to next year’s list? Let us know in the comments below!

Let me first say, where’s the Vette? They couldn’t get one of the numerous versions out there?

Enjoy and crank those speakers up!

List of competitors:

2012 BDC Competitor                     Base Price (Rounded Up)             Horsepower/Torque (lb-ft)

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1         $56,000                                             580/556

2013 Ford Shelby GT500                $55,000                                            662/631

2012 Jaguar XKR-S                            $133,000                                              550/502

2011 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4     $383,000                              691/509

2012 McLaren MP4-12C                 $231,000                                              592/443

2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Black Series         $106,000              510/457

2013 Nissan GT-R Black Edition   $98,000                                          545/463

2012 Porsche Carrera S                  $97,000                                           400/325

2013 Subaru BRZ                               $28,000                                           200/151

Total                                                      $1,187,000                                           4730/4037

Read more: http://www.motortrend.com/features/performance/1208_the_worlds_greatest_drag_race_2/#ixzz2FPYEFSkn

The Large Professor Guest Post: Should NFL Teams Play After a Tragedy?

ProFootball Today

First, today’s post is not brought to you by CornerstoneDad, this is his son (aka the Large Professor).

What do you think? After a teammate takes his life, should the team play a game the next day? After you have a teammate that might be gone for the
rest of the season and one you will never see again, should the team play the next day?

Saturday morning, December 1st, 2012. Jovan Belcher, one of the starting linebackers for the Kansas City Chiefs, is said to have murdered the mother of his three-month-old child. Belcher then drove to the Chiefs facility, which is where it is said that he took his own life in front of his head coach, defensive coordinator, and general manager.

Now, think about what happened the next Saturday, December 8th, 2012. Early in the morning, nose tackle Josh Brent was driving with linebacker Jerry Brown as passenger, both from the Dallas Cowboys. It is said that they were traveling at a high rate of speed, hit a curb, causing the car to flip at least once. Brown did not survive the crash. Brent was arrested and was charged with Intoxication Manslaughter. This was the second time in three years Josh Brent has been arrested for an offense involving drunk driving.

But after both of those tragedies, the NFL decided to have the teams play as scheduled on Sunday. Some are wondering, why? I agree with the position of Jason Whitlock from Fox Sports:

You may argue that we all grieve differently. You may argue that
playing the game is the best way to move on and heal. You may argue
that canceling or delaying the game would serve no purpose and would be
unfair to the fans who traveled to Kansas City to see Cam Newton and the
Panthers play the Chiefs.

I would argue that your rationalizations speak to how numb we are
in this society to gun violence and murder. We’ve come to accept our
insanity. We’d prefer to avoid seriously reflecting upon the absurdity of
the prevailing notion that the second amendment somehow enhances our liberty rather than threatens it.

What are your thoughts? Should the NFL have canceled or postponed the games?

Feel free to leave a comment and thanks for reading!

Large Professor

No, not that Large Professor...although LP and the Main Source said some things to make the listener think as well.

No, not that Large Professor…although LP and the Main Source said some things to make the listener think as well.

CSD Rewind: Is God Truly Righteous…When He Allows Innocent Children To Die?

MissionMen Logo_new_Watermark

After the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children and 7 adults lost their lives to the senseless act of a 20-year old killer on December 14, 2012, I think it is about time to repost a show we did over at True Riches With The Mission Men.

In this show, we asked the question, is God truly righteous?

Sadly, many people ask the question that if God exists or is good, how can he let young children die and be killed? How could something like this happen beyond his control?

However, this evil shooting should actually draw us closer to the need for a Savior, not push us further away. But for many, events like this are an excuse to move further away.

If there is no God, there is no absolute right or wrong.

If there is no absolute right or wrong, how can we make a moral judgement about the actions of Adam Lanza (Newtown, CT), James Holmes (Aurora, CO), Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine, CO)? By what standard to we determine right or wrong? If we are all allowed to do what we feel is right, what if killing is right in our own eyes?

For the Atheist, how can Man ever cure its propensity for what seems to be unimaginable evil (or at least what we cultural determine is evil, and we know that what is evil in one society is not in another, so is it really evil)?

If you wonder where God was on December 14th and felt he was not in Sandy Hook Elementary, or you want to be able to answer that question for others, please take the time to check out the short episode at:

True Riches With The Mission Men – Is God Truly Righteous



For those who pray, let us continue to do so for the people in that community.


CornerstoneDad Podcast #12 – CSD On The M-I-C With J-Sizzle


We have someone new joining the podcast, J-Sizzle!

J and I tried to limit our discussion to three topics, but we could barely make it. However, we still tried to catch up on some great topics that we’ve had on our minds that include:

  • ESPN’s 30-for-30: BROKE – We ponder the question, how could all of these athletes end up broke after making millions of dollars?
  • “I’d like to thank my lord and savior”…wait, what did Jamie Foxx just say? Did he say Barack Obama?
  • J-Sizzle answers the question that I will now ask every dad that appears on this show. He’s truly setting the bar high for the men that he comes in contact with, but what would your answer be to this all important question?

So tune in, check it out here

Podcast #12 with J-Sizzle

or on iTunes and feel free to let us know what you think!


CSD Dinner Table Topic – What’s For Dinner? Betcha Verizon Will Know Because Your DVR Is Telling Them


Perhaps you want to go back and check out these posts on CSD before reading the article from PCMag.com below:



So if you thought ole Cool Pappa just had his black suit, tin foil hat and DVD’s of Doomsday Preppers loaded in my BOB, you’re right! I knew this was coming.

If human beings can, they will.

Companies will do whatever they can to maximize profits, if that gain outweighs whatever consumers will just “get over” in two weeks (because you know, we’d rather hear about pregnant royalty in the “Motherland”).

Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

Keep your eye on this story.

If not, don’t worry, because they’ll be keeping an eye on you!


Verizon Patent Covers DVR That Knows What You’re Saying, Doing

Your cable box is listening. And judging. Yes, that set-top box has become self aware and will be listening to your fights, phone calls, and pillow talk in order to serve up targeted ads.

Well, not quite. But it might one day become a reality, according to patent application from Verizon Patent and Licensing, Inc. that was recently made public. It covers a system that displays ads based on the “ambient action of a user.”

As noted by sourcefednews.com, the patent describes a “detection zone” whereby your set-top box (or any media “processing device”) will pick up on “ambient action” and play ads that relate to your activity at commercial breaks.

An ambient action could include eating, exercising, laughing, reading, sleeping, talking, singing, humming, cleaning, and playing a musical instrument. Specifically, the patent cites “cuddling, fighting, participating in a game or sporting event, and talking.” So, if you’re fighting, ads for anger management, and condom ads for times when you’re cuddling?

The patent also notes that ads could be directed to a mobile device.

“Traditional targeted advertising systems and methods fail to account for one or more ambient actions of a user while the user is experiencing media content using a media content access device,” the patent reads. “For example, if a user is watching a television program, a traditional targeted advertising system fails to account for what the user is doing (e.g., eating, interacting with another user, sleeping, etc.) while the user is watching the television program. This limits the effectiveness, personalization, and/or adaptability of the targeted advertising.”

This, of course, could either be terrifying or intriguing. If I’m chatting with someone about possible vacation spots, go ahead and serve up possible hotels and flights. But if I’m on ice cream sandwich No. 3 for the night, will my TV show me Weight Watchers ads? Or Match.com if I’m home on a Saturday night. Ouch.

I can also already hear privacy advocates having a collective seizure. They are already concerned with computer programs that serve up targeted ads based on computer searches and Web activity. A device that listens to your conversations and monitors your activity? Can’t wait for the congressional hearing on that one.

Of course, many patents either go nowhere or take years to implement. Apple, for example, has a patent for “5D” technology. This might all sound very Big Brother in 2012, but who knows what type of technology we’ll have in five or 10 years? The patent holders are likely thinking ahead to what could be – and how it can make some good money on patent licensing deals.

“Verizon has a well-established track record of respecting its customers’ privacy and protecting their personal information. As a company that prizes innovation, Verizon takes pride in its innovators whose work is represented in our patents and patent applications,” a Verizon spokesman said in a statement. “While we do not comment on pending patent applications, such futuristic patent filings by innovators are routine. This is also highly speculative and whatever we might do in the future would be in line with our well-established track record of respecting our customers’ privacy and protecting their personal information.”

Editors’ Note: This story was updated Thursday with comment from Verizon and to clarify that the patent has not officially been granted.

For more from Chloe, follow her on Twitter @ChloeAlbanesius.