What Did Boney Say?

WalkRun wBoney&Homie

Exercising with the kids is what’s up, you just never know what nuggets of wisdom are going to come out.

Today, Boney (7) and Big Homie (8) joined me on a walk/run.

I’ll give those two serious credit, their little legs have to work pretty hard to keep up with me, no matter how slow I’m going.

I heard classic phrases such as:

Boney: “Exercise hurts.”

CSD: “Yea, but it hurts less than a heart attack, brittle bones, …”

Boney: “and it’s better than being old and not being able to pull yourself up!”

But just when I think she’s got it and after another jog interval…

Boney says to Homie: “He’s trying to kill us.”

Big Homie: “No, this will help us live longer.”

CSD: “Like Lee Haney said, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger!”

http://www.leehaney.com/ Gotta add this to my life-goal list, to train with Lee Haney!

Gotta add this to my life-goal list, to train with Lee Haney!

While they’ve watched some Lee on YouTube, I’m sure neither one of them had a clue as to who I was talking about.

CSD 2013 Summer Mission UPDATE – 430 at 43…One Down!



First let me say, Bill Kazmaier is not running from me saying, “That brotha gets much respect from me…”. In other words, there are plenty of regular cats out there far stronger than I am that’s for sure.

But I love setting a goal and hitting it, especially physical goals at my age. 

So just because I’ve been quiet about my 430 at 43 goal (check it out here), doesn’t mean that I haven’t been putting in work and getting it done.

But as a friend of mine would loudly exclaim, “Don’t talk about it, BE about it!”, so I figured I’d give a report when I was closer to that point.


Yesterday I trained at home for the first time in a long time. I’ve been following a version of Charles Staley’s EDT routine with a low-rep, heavy weight exercise added at the beginning. The results? Well, after 4 weeks, I loaded up with the previous 1 rep max of 360 (I’m guessing my actual 1RM would have been about 380, but stopped short of going all out for the program).

365 lbs. felt really good, so I thought, “Why not try 405?”

405 lbs., BAM, no problem.

Whoa, “What’s going on today. I didn’t sleep that good” I thought.

415 lbs., BAM, whatcha got?

Then I figured I might as well go for it, and I added more weight to the bar.

Now just before pulling, I started counting plates and thought, “I think I added too much weight…” But instead of counting, I just went to pulling and I knew I had added too much.

But I still had more in me and wanted to try again.

So I walked back up, dipped and ripped, BAM. Got it!

440 lbs is my new Deadlift record!

A day later, I feel great and now I’m setting my sight on 500 lbs.!

Oh, and that bike mileage?

342 miles so far, with at least 2 months of riding left, so I should get this one done as well.

If you are only as old as you feel, I’m feeling about 25 right now.