CornerstoneDad on True Riches With the Mission Men Radio Show: God’s Sovereignty (God is the Highest Authority)

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Why do we have problems with the concept of God’s Sovereignty?
Is God really in control of all things? Does that mean even the bad things?
Why do bad things like rape happen to “good” people?
If God is in control of all things, should I use birth control?
We tackle some of these difficult questions right here (click link to show page to listen):

Washington Watch Exclusive: The Parents Of Slain Florida Teen Trayvon Martin Speak Out

I will deal with this story and issue soon. In the meantime, I wanted to post this video from Washington Watch, as it knocks down all the stereotypes that I’m sure people are looking for. Many times people will say, “Well, I’m sure something happened to make that guy act that way” or “Maybe the kid was threatening to the man”.

What saddens me the most is that my son and I were just visiting the Orlando area exactly one month ago. I gave him more freedom while we were away than I normally would at home since his other siblings were not there. My heart rate increases when I ponder on the “what-ifs” like, “What if neighborhood watch would have been following him when he was making the one-mile walk to his cousin’s house?” “What if something would have happened when he was out playing football and on his way home just before dark?”

I think I would be thinking just like Trayvon Martin’s dad said in the above video, he would have been waiting on me to protect him, and I would not have been there.

My mentor Dr. Lyn Lewis used to say something to the affect that black men grow up knowing that they are one step from jail or dead, no matter who they are or what they do in life.

I’ll echo another saying she’d say, that’s some good Sociology right there, because this Trayvon Martin murder proves her point. Good kid, good parents, smart, athlete, but still dead like a L.A. gang member.

Lets keep the heat on this story before it gets swept away by more important things like what the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing or what Peyton Manning is doing.

Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP

CornerstoneDad on True Riches With the Mission Men Radio Show: God is a Trinity (God is a Three Part being)

  • Why is the issue of the Trinity so controversial in today’s church? 
  • What is the definition of the Trinity?
  • The Bible doesn’t have the word “trinity” in it, so where in scripture do people get this concept or are they just making it up?

Church history shows us that people who denied the Doctrine of the Trinity were considered heretics. Is this you? Are you a Christian that considers the Doctrine of the Trinity irrelevant? If so, perhaps you should examine yourself to see if you really in the faith.

What am I talking about? Please check out this episode of True Riches With the Mission Men at the following link:

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