Cruising With CornerstoneDad: Chevy Says, “Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

I post this because a regular CornerstoneDad commenter asked my opinion on the Chevy Cruze. After reading this, he can actually buy it and if he doesn’t like it, just take it back!

Some restrictions apply of course.

My son has purchased a new Malibu in the last 30 days, so people (at least in my area and social circle) are certainly considering putting a Chevy in their driveway.

When businesses come with the high pressure warranty sale on my dad, he always says, “Why am I buying your product if you’re so worried about it breaking? Maybe I shouldn’t buy it then!”

(Trust me, that one works well and I use it all the time.)

So props to General Motors for taking such a stand behind its products, as they are obviously confident that people are going to be satisfied.

Yes, I know there’s a psychological game being played here as well but we aren’t going to focus on that right now.

So if you’re a CornerstoneDad getting ready to plop down some cash on a new ride (literally for my Dave Ramsey fans), this may be a reason to stop by your local Chevy dealer and see they can show you some love.

Car Thief Tries To Take JUDGE’S Car – Where’s Trunk Monkey When You Need Him?

Burglar tries to break in Judge Lillian Sing’s car

Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross, Chronicle Columnist
Published 03:59 a.m., Sunday, June 10, 2012

Judge Lillian Sing got a taste of judicial medicine the other day when a convicted car burglar she was trying to help walked out of her San Francisco courtroom and, within minutes, was busted for allegedly breaking into her car.

Phillip Bernard was in Community Court on Tuesday for a check of his progress while on probation for an auto burglary conviction.

Bernard, who is homeless, had missed an earlier appearance and had failed to follow his probation requirements. “I wasn’t too happy with him,” Sing said.

But Community Court is set up to get people help, not send them to jail for minor infractions. So Sing let him off with a stern admonishment.

“I told him he had better get into a harm reduction program and get going with a job search,” Sing said.

No sooner did Sing’s gavel go down, however, than Bernard exited the Polk Street courtroom, went around to the alley in back, pulled out a weighted sock and smashed the rear passenger window of a car, police said.

As fate would have it, a couple of beat cops were passing by. They nabbed Bernard, ran the car’s plate and bingo – up popped the judge’s name.

“He did it right under my nose,” Sing said.

Bernard, 32, is now back behind bars, facing another auto burglary charge.

His next court date is Tuesday, this time in Superior Court.

As for this validating those who say Community Court is just a revolving door for petty criminals like Bernard?

“He’s just one of 1,600 we deal with,” Sing said. “Most of them do really well.”

Maybe – but this is the one who is going to be remembered.

If you’re not up on Trunk Monkey, you have to check out the hilarious YouTube videos. As someone who has had his cars stolen/broken into at least four times, I really wish I had this little guy sitting and waiting for the bad guys.


There are a few “moment of silence” times in my house growing up that we all knew about. One was the chase scene from the movie, Bullitt with Steve McQueen. To this day, there is just no other chase scene that has all all the 5 W’s and 1 H down (my Journalism 101  folks know what I’m talking about).

Now I’ve never seen the entire movie, but whenever my dad would be watching it and that scene would come on, we would be glued to the TV with maximum volume. Hearing those guys banging gears in the ’68 390 ci. Mustang and the ’68 440 ci.  Charger was melody to my young ears and why I love banging gears myself to this day.

My inner Steve McQueen comes out when I have my hand on the shiftball…and I have Bullitt wheels on my Stang as well!

So the video of the day is post-worthy, as Ken Block does it again, but this time in the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, San Francisco. Seriously, I can’t even pull this stuff off in Forza, Gran Turismo, or Need For Speed without tearing up my car!

I got Bullitt flashbacks watching this one…but a Fiesta is no where nearly as cool…

So put the kids on you lap, enlarge the screen, and as always, turn those speakers up!