CornerstoneDad Bible Family Reading Podcast #1: Genesis 1

Family Bible On The TableDid you ever think about how your life would change if you had no vision? I’m not talking about vision as in psychological direction. I’m talking about physical vision.

This is a reality that my mother is facing as numerous eye surgeries are slowly taking away her once eagle-eye sight. This morning on the way to church, we were listening to a podcast where a guy was describing a bible-reading dramatization that he had created. The thought then came to me (or should I say the Lord gave me the thought?) to make something like this for my parents, as the day may come when my parents may not be able to read scripture on their own. Surely the bible is available in many different forms today, but why not make something personal just for them?

So today, with no delay, is the first recording. None will be perfect I’m sure, but I want to get this project started. It took J. Vernon McGee at least five years to go through the bible, but what he has done has lived and bless us long after his death and that is what we set out to accomplish. At first, this was just going to be something personal that I was doing only for my parents, but what about others who may just want to hear the word in their ears and not buy a product? So I’m sharing our project on as well.

I’m not sure how long it will take to get through the bible, but I hope that whenever we conclude, that my folks are here to enjoy over and over again.

May God show us grace, as we are speakers and hearers of His word.

Click HERE to listen.



CSD What’s In The Driveway Review: Lexus LS 460 F-Sport AWD

Front Fascia

A brother like me is yet to ever live in a house with a garage, but every now and then I at least get to drive some pretty nice and honestly, not so nice cars. Perhaps you’re considering one of the models for you and your family and I hope to help give you a few things to think about when you hit the dealership.

First up: Lexus LS 460 F-Sport AWD

Left Exterior

Competition: Mercedes-Benz S-CLASS S550; BMW 7 Series 750i xDrive Sedan; Audi A8 4.0T Sedan L quattro Tiptronic

Price: MSRP Including Delivery  Charges: $85,945

Engine: 4.6L V8

Transmission: 8-speed AT

Horsepower at RPM: 360@6400

Torque @ RPM: 347@4100

EPA Fuel Economy Ratings (city/highway/combined): 16/23/18mpg


  • Interior room big enough to fit 2-3 of your teenage boys in the back seat
  • Sound system that is so good, those boys will be glad they are riding with dad
  • Smooth ride that is adjustable at the turn of a dial



  • Car is “sneaky-fast”, so it’s scooting pretty well big feels slower because of it’s size
  • Vehicle that’s understated enough not to draw too much attention yet the front grill still lets people know you’re in an expensive Lexus if you want to flaunt like the 1980’s.
  • Almost impossible to be uncomfortable in seats that go every which way and are heated and ventilated. Also, the 2nd row is heated and adjustable as well!


  • The wheels aren’t bad, but I’d prefer a better look nor would I want to clean them at my local coin car wash
  • While quick, I thought the F-Sport name came with more neck-snapping power instead of parking lot scrubbing ground-effects.

“Look in the driveway rating” (1: Tow it please – 10: I look out the window just to see how beautiful it is):

  • 7: It’s a Lexus, so it’s understated but it looks pretty good in F-Sport trim

Overall rating, is it a/an

  • “I Need An Econ-o-Ride?”
  • “Dad’s Driving What He Has To Drive During The Kid Years”
  • “‘Mid-Life Crisis’-mobile”
  • “Dad Has Hit His Stride”?

Needless-to-say, the Lexus LS 460 F-Sport gets the “Dad Has Hit His Stride” rating. At its price-point, Dave Ramsey would not approve of a dad driving this on credit and to pay cash, you certainly have to be strong in your money-making years and have a retirement account with plenty of zeros showing in your balance.

We’ll see how it stacks up against more competition in 2014!



IMG_8379_Fotor Trunk

CSD StrongDad Program: Jan. 1, ’14 – Get The New Year Started Right With New Gym PRs!


Sam’s Lesson: Working Out Doesn’t Stop Damage To The Body, But May Help Withstand Against More Damage To The Body

Sam didn’t tell me his age straight away, but told me that he had a heart attack in the gym. I could tell a bit by his speech, but this guy was pretty ripped to be “older”, and he said that he had been training for 40 years and used to compete in bodybuilding contests. Then, when he told me he was 70 years old, my mouth dropped! First, because he didn’t look that old. Second, here was a guy that had a heart attack in the gym, lost 88 lbs., and still comes in to get his workout on. I think the lesson from Sam is simple. Working out may not keep heart attacks from happening, strokes from happening, diabetes from coming, etc., because our body’s get old and are not designed to live forever. But working out will help you bounce back after suffering injuries, illness or medical trauma. I’ve experienced this on a lessor scale as I never missed a planned workout after breaking my hand and wearing a cast for six months. Four years later, my left arm is only one rep weaker than my right, and people gave me props on the gym for still coming, cast and all, day after day. Then here’s Sam, a guy that was determined to not let something that has already changed his life, take more of his life away from him.

It’s a New Year, and today many are hitting the gym for the first time in months. After a couple of weeks, if they didn’t drop out because they are so “busy”, many will drop out because they will begin having joint pain from either improper form, doing too much too soon, or maybe just because their body is getting older and can’t do as much as they thought.

That’s NO EXCUSE. If anything, it should make you want to go back and be even more determined, but wiser. Look at your kids. Aren’t they worth the “rehab”? If your knee, back, shoulder hurts, don’t you want to be able to run or throw the ball with them or your grandkids? If you were an athlete and we’re being paid an easy million to come back after a major surgery, you know you would do it. So how much is playing with them worth?

Sadly, and from what I’m seeing more as I get older, somebody’s going to get the exercise in. It’ll either be you now, or your kids/grandkids pushing you in a wheelchair.

If Sam didn’t stop because of a heart attack, you and I really have no excuse. So be determined that if you are working out again to start the New Year, that nothing will get in your way. NOTHING!

Now Happy New Year to me as I set new PRs for Rack Pulls and Hammer Lat Rows!

Weight: 221.5

Sleep: 7 hrs.

Wed, Jan 1, 2014
Exercise Weight
Reps Rest %
Ttl Weight
1 Rack DeadliftsBAM!!! Happy New Year To D!

1RM: 645

Ttl Weight: 7,625

Ttl Reps: 25

Avg Weight: 305

1 135 × 5 90 21% 8.9%
2 225 × 5 90 35% 14.8%
3 275 × 5 90 43% 18.0%
4 315 × 3 90 49% 12.4%
5 365 × 1 90 57% 4.8%
6 405 × 1 90 63% 5.3%
7 455 × 1 90 71% 6.0%
8 495 × 1 90 77% 6.5%
9 545 × 1 90 84% 7.1%
10 595 × 1 90 92% 7.8%
11 645 × 1 90 100% 8.5%

2 Hammer Lat PulldownCan’t fit any more plates on machine!

1RM: 231.4

Ttl Weight: 3,325

Ttl Reps: 30

Avg Weight: 110.8

1 45 × 10 60 19% 13.5%
2 90 × 5 60 39% 13.5%
3 115 × 5 60 50% 17.3%
4 135 × 3 60 58% 12.2%
5 180 × 3 60 78% 16.2%
6 225 × 1 60 97% 6.8%
7 230 × 1 60 99% 6.9%
8 225 × 2 60 97% 13.5%

3 Lateral Raises (Machine)

1RM (1)

Ttl Weight: 2,110

Ttl Reps: 27

Avg Weight: 78.1

1 70 × 12 60 39.8%
2 90 × 7 60 29.9%
3 80 × 8 60 30.3%

4 Cable Crunches (Kneeling)

1RM (1)

Ttl Weight: 1,485

Ttl Reps: 30

Avg Weight: 49.5

1 35 × 12 45 28.3%
2 42.5 × 10 45 28.6%
3 80 × 8 45 43.1%

5 Treadmill Running

time: 0:32:57
distance: 2 mi
avg heart rate: 135
max heart rate: 144

1/1/14 – All exercises (lb)

Workout duration

Total: 0     Cardio: 0:32:57     Other: 0

Total weight 14545 lb
Lats 10950 lb
Lower Back 7625 lb
Side Delts 2110 lb
Abs 1485 lb

Other exercised muscles: Trapezius (Traps), Gluteus maximus (Glutes), Anterior Deltoids (Front Delts), Obliques, Forearm muscles (Forearms), Hamstrings (Rear Thighs), Quadriceps (Front Thighs), Posterior Deltoids (Rear Delts)