Help My Cousin Teanna Help ECHO!

My cousin’s are helping a charity by FirstGiving called Echo. It is a fundraiser for kids that need food, clothes, and other important items. They are doing a fashion show to raise money and my cousins are models in the fashion show. Please help them raise money for the fashion show so they can help other kids in need.

You can donate money to them at the link below, and check out my cousin Teanna’s video!

Thank you!


UNITE Report: Apple’s New Fingerprint Tech


Okay, I’m going to try and be fair and balanced on this one because as you know from my Xbox Kinect posts (see HERE & HERE), I think we are all still opening our selves up more and more each day without even caring…and one day we may care but it’ll be too late.

Apple’s new Fingerprint Tech is the latest prime example and when something gets featured on an Apple-product, many already assume it’s “fine and safe”. Combine that with the fact that Apple-fans are especially trusting of the company and what Apple does today gets copied by everyone and their grandmother tomorrow and well, I’m just not feeling it.

This article on Business Insider seems to be giving the technology a “maybe it’s okay if Apple protects your fingerprint” grade.

While this may be true, do you believe that the data will never get stored on the Cloud?

Is this just much about nothing as we already trust companies (who are not people, they are in business to make money, not protect you) with data about our lives, so what’s the big deal?

Do you trust Apple over other companies in keeping your fingerprint safe?

One person pointed out that as much as we hate the endless amount of passwords we must generate, if a person hacks the PW, you change it and move on. However, we only have 10 fingerprints, and they will eventually be used to open everything!

So check out this article on Business Insider and let us know in the comments section below what you think.


430 At 43 Progress: Mission Accomplished On The Stretch Goal Of 500!




Smashed that stretch goal of 500 miles! Actually, I passed the mark earlier this week, but I’ve been too busy to post an update. 

Since my hip-flexor injury, I gave up riding a bit to speed recovery. But since there’s only one more week of games left, I’m going to try to get as much riding as possible in while the weather allows because there might not be any warm days left for 2013 either!

Set goals, stretch yourself and be determined not to give up!

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 3 Fantasy Update


This is one bad fluffy kitten!


Week three is over and again there were some pretty close games in our fantasy league this week. I honestly thought that I was going to lose my game. Others I knew for sure that were going to lose, but they held on, but anyway, let’s get to the recaps.

TLZ Baldhead

Baldhead Slick Mascot


BaldHeadSlicks against Father_N_TwoBoys. This matchup was more of a lead swapping than anything else. BaldHeadSlicks was first to draw blood with 29.4 points going into Sunday while Father_N_TwoBoys had to start from zero. Then Father_N_TwoBoys took the lead early Sunday but couldn’t hold on to it letting BaldHeadSlicks late Sunday. After that, BaldHeadSlicks wouldn’t give it up. They won 117.48 – 100.88.

The closest game all season was this week three matchup, The Best Team trying to take down FluffyKittens. I never had to taste the bitterness of not being in the lead, being The Best Team. But this was the part where I thought I was going to lose. I had a 17 point lead leaving Sunday night. You might think that that is enough to get me the win. But FluffyKittens still had their player with the highest points to play. I ended up beating them 120.56 – 118.56 in, again, the closest matchup of the season thus far.

FluffyKittens owner had this to say after the game,

“Please give [Cornerstone Kid] my congrats for beating the mighty Fluffy Kittens. I went to bed up one point on him and woke up to find I lost by two. Even in the FF world close ones are tough to stomach.

Knowshon Moreno was to be the difference, but he has a no-show. Noshow Moreno.”

I like the recap that Yahoo! gave for this matchup:

william’s Team got the third-highest score of the week from Cam Newton on the way to their third win in as many matchups when they beat The Crushers 114.62 – 90.64. Both sides missed scoring opportunities as william’s Team had one starter turn in zero points and The Crushers had two. The Crushers falls to sixth place with a 0-3 record. william’s Team remains undefeated and on top of the league having also run over The Best Team (132.70 – 99.32) and Father_N_TwoBoys (108.76 – 96.88).

I was not very happy about that lose to william’s Team, but like my dad always said, “The best way to get payback is on the baseball field.” Well, when he said that, we were talking about baseball. But the meaning is still the same.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s fantasy update. See you next week!

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 2 Fantasy Update


The scores are in, and week 2 is in the books. But what exactly is in the books? Some made a great comeback; while others didn’t even get to taste the lead (I’m not naming anybody). All I can say to that person is… keep on trying. I had the chance to talk to one of the fantasy owners, and he said something that could be very encouraging. He hasn’t looked at the league since he joined, and he doesn’t know anything that’s been going on in the league all season. That man is now 2-0. The moral of the story: if you have the right players on your team, you can leave them starting all season and still be good. I’m going to give you my summary for two of the games.

The Best Team against BaldHeadSlicks. There aren’t many chances you get to beat your dad in things, but this time, I got the best of him. The Best Team won 149.60 – 136.50 in a comeback, putting up the highest score in the league this week. Both teams played very well, but Seattle sealed the deal for The Best Team. The Best Team is 1-1 in fourth place while BaldHeadSlicks remains in last with a record of 0-2.

This is what Yahoo! said about this matchup:

FluffyKittens got past The Crushers, who had trouble scoring points this week, 114.38 – 86.18. While each team fell short of expectations, FluffyKittens scored 91.9% of a projected 124.42 points to get the win. The Crushers was done in by a substantial drop in scoring from last week’s 176.18 – 149.18 loss against Father_N_TwoBoys. FluffyKittens (2-0, 244.86 points) shifts into first place while The Crushers (0-2, 235.36 points) goes to fifth place.

This matchup was the closest of all in week 2. william’s Team and Father_N_TwoBoys traded the lead a couple of times before william’s Team wouldn’t give it up anymore and won 108.76 – 96.88.

That’s all I have for this week’s update, and remember to check in every week to see what’s going on the league! Have a great day and see you next week.

Cornerstone Kid

All-Pro Dad’s Asks: How Do You Know if You Are a Successful Father?


Source: All-Pro Dad’s Blog:

People define success many ways.  One version goes like this:

At age 4, success is…not wetting your pants.
At age 12, success is…having friends.
At age 17, success is…having a driver’s license.
At age 35, success is…having a good career.
At age 60, success is…getting out of your career.
At age 70, success is…having a driver’s license.
At age 80, success is…having friends.
At age 90, success is…not wetting your pants.

Perhaps a better definition of success, at least for fathers, is passion for his duty and the ability to love unconditionally. Possession of those two traits is the common denominator in all successful dads.  Here are 10 ways to know you are a successful father.

Huddle up with your children tonight and ask them: “What is success?”

10 Ways to Know You Are a Successful Father

“Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance.” (Ruth E. Renkel)  There is not one single path to successful parenting. All fathers are not created equal in method nor in standards. What sets a successful father apart from the pack is passion for his duty and the ability to love unconditionally. Possession of those two traits is the common denominator in all successful parents. The following list can be considered the “greatest hits” of an awesome Dad.

  1.  Real Communication

    Talking is the most valuable tool in a father’s belt. Conversation is information and information is understanding. Serious, funny, or totally random. Every conversation had with your child is invaluable to you as a parent. Know your child better than they know themselves. Then tailor your guidance towards that knowledge.

  2. Respect And Love Your Wife

    “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” (Rev. Theodore Hesburgh)  Your son will grow up one day to treat a woman the same way his father treated women. Your daughter will grow to expect the treatment that was provided in Dad’s example. This country has an epidemic of disrespectful young men and young women with low self-esteem. We are daily bombarded with examples of male prowess and female promiscuity. That’s no accident. We have a duty to stand and fight this battle against good family principles. That starts by always showing your wife the love and respect she deserves.

  3. The Bedtime Story

    Every time you read to your child, it’s an intimate and special moment. They have your full attention, and that’s the thing they crave most.  Daddy adds the funny voices and physical animations as he reads. Your daughter’s eyes light up and a smile takes over her face as you talk in your moose voice and put pretend antlers on your head. Silliness is something you both enjoy and understand, but more importantly this time together builds trust and makes your child feel secure.

  4. The Guard Dog

    Speaking of security, children crave it like you crave that Kit-Kat™ you have tucked away in your desk. A successful father has children who know that Dad will always be there to protect them—no matter what.  He’s a big, hairy, loveable guard-dog…ferocious when required, but gentle, loving and loyal to the very end

  5. Friends

    We are usually only as good as the company we keep. Friends are an important part of your child’s life. Chances are they spend more time in the company of their close friends than with you. That is a very large amount of influence that is not under your control. It is imperative that you have a relationship with these friends. Make the effort to know them as well as their parents. Your child’s friends should be diverse and inspiring.

  6. Discipline

    “Just wait until your father comes home.” What child hasn’t heard that at some point? Discipline is a responsibility that all parents experience. It’s not pretty and certainly not easy. The alternative is a spoiled and out of control child with no boundaries of behavior. There’s good news, though. A successful dad follows through on discipline enough times to gain respect from his children.  They have learned from experience not to test Dad. He means exactly what he says, and they can trust him to be consistent.

  7. The Good Humor Man

    A great dad has fun with his kids.  They joke, they laugh, they play and they hug.  No need to be a world class comedian.  To your kids, Dad, even when you’re not funny, it’s still comical.  Joking around with Dad is great fun for all children.  Let them.  Of course, there is a level of respect that should be maintained, but other than that, let yourself be teased occasionally.  They love it.  They love you.

  8. The Educator

    Class is in session and you are the professor. Life has many lessons that will either be learned the easy way or the hard way. Dad is the voice of experience. Share your wisdom early and often with your children. Your advice will not always be followed, but it should always be given.  Don’t be afraid to let your child fail.  Just be there afterwards to lovingly explain why failure occurred and sow the seeds to future success.

  9. Spiritual Leader

    A wise father realizes that God is in control.  Worship is a cornerstone in the life of a successful family. Guide them as they grow in their faith.  Be the man God would have you be.

  10. The Example

    “My Father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it.” (Clarence Budington Kelland)  Many parents make the mistake of stopping their own lives once they have children. Dedicating themselves and immersing their own hopes and dreams into the lives of their children. This is a tragic mistake for all involved. Be the example for them.  Show them how to live in a positive way—with passion, desire and joy in everything you do.

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 1 Fantasy Update


CSD Football Standings - Week 1

The first week of football is over and we found out who was good and who was, well, not so good. There are going to be some losers and there are going to be some winners in the league. However, all in my household lost by 25+ points. But this is just the start of a 14-game season and Yahoo thinks my brother is going to be 1-13 (which you can’t help but hope happens if you’re me), but you cannot always believe them. Granted, at least they say that I’m going to be nice and cozy in third place. Here is what Yahoo said about the fantasy games:

William’s Team picked up the third-highest player point total of the week from Victor Cruz (29.80) and defeated The Best Team [me] 132.70 –

99.32. The Best Team was led by Aaron Rodgers with 25.62 points and Andre Johnson who scored 14.60. The Best Team opens at 0-1 and FluffyKittens picked up the highest score this week from Peyton Manning (46.28) to put a thrashing on BaldHeadSlicks 130.48 – 88.92.

Father_N_TwoBoys put up the highest point total this week to get the win over The Crushers 176.18 – 149.18. While both sides played quite well, Father_N_TwoBoys scored 41.1% more points than projected (124.82) to pick up the win. Colin Kaepernick brought in the second-highest score for the week with 30.68 points for The Crushers.

Opening 0-1 is not good for me (especially because I’m named the Best Team) but it was the first week and I was not online for the draft and consequently, I didn’t know my team’s capabilities.

Come back every week for an update on the fantasy league and don’t forget; go Best Team!

Cornerstone Kid