CSD Cruising Down Memory Lane In My: 1987 Regal Grand National GNX vs. Chevrolet Callaway Corvette

GNX vs CVette

We’ve been getting pretty heavy around here lately so now it’s time to post some fun stuff.

We’re going to call this segment, “Cruising Down Memory Lane In My” and if you have some memories cruising and driving the rides featured, please let us know below in the comments section.

First up, the two cars that are responsible for the horsepower wars that we see today, the Buick Regal GN GNX and the Chevy Calloway Vette. Yes, I think the Fox Mustang was mostly responsible for really making performance relative again in the auto industry. However, these two cars brought the BEAST back into the industry for sure.

However, in stock trim, basic stats show why these were definitely the dark ages for ole Vette. Despite its weight advantage, it was getting spanked by a menacing-looking family car!



Yep, even a Buick exists in our family! This one is owned by my brother.

Yep, even a Buick exists in our family! This one is owned by my brother.



Buick Grand National Specifications

Price: $19,000 (1987)
0-60:  6.1 seconds
0-1/4 mile: 13.85 @99 MPH
Turbo-charged V6
Horsepower: 245
Torque:355 ft lbs @2000 RPM

Weight: 3800 lbs.

Source: rapidcars.com

Chevrolet Corvette Specifications

Price: $27,999.00 (1987 – Coupe)

0-60:  6.3 seconds
0-1/4 mile: 15.11@93.8 MPH


5.7L OHV V8

Horsepower: 240

Torque:345 ft lbs @3200 RPM


Weight: 3216 lbs.

Source: auto.howstuffworks.com

Check out the PDF HERE to see the original article showcasing the battle (and how Milan Dragway looked 20+ years ago!)


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