CornerstoneDad Podcast Episode #4 – T4 and KD Interview Part Two

Being a Young Dad Isn't Easy

My interview with T4 and Kory Devon is finally here (this podcasting stuff isn’t as easy as it sounds)!

This is a continuation of our last show where we tackle fatherhood. Father of two, T4 (check out his new blog at: and KD give us their perspective on:

– Why gun ownership and having a daughter go hand-and-hand

– What it is like being a father or perspective father

– Challenges of being a young father

– Our favorite fatherhood moments

– and much more.

Be sure to check it out and leave your comments here or drop me and email!

Click to listen: Interview with T4 and KD Part II


  1. J in NC · August 13, 2011

    Fellas, I enjoyed today’s cast. Definitely had a brotha thinking.


    • CornerstoneDad · August 13, 2011

      Glad you enjoyed it J. Feel free to drop me a note if you would like to share any of those thoughts as I’m sure we can all learn some things from them.



  2. D · August 15, 2011

    It was nice to hear the long-awaited 2nd edition! I’m proud of the positiive brotha’s in my life. Each of you brought your personal experiences and heartfelt thoughts to the table, which we don’t get to hear all the time. Thanks for letting us all in on Man Talk!

    You all did an awesome job. CD, those journalism and sociology classes sure come in handy nowadays!

    Luv Ya,


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