1. pops · January 9, 2012

    Where are the cars that will get over 100,000 miles without falling apart. You know, the ones made someplace else. You know the trouble I’ve seen. This is why I feel this way.


  2. CornerstoneDad · January 10, 2012

    Excellent question and I’m happy to say that no one makes a car that will fall apart in 100,000 miles. Most cars don’t even need a tune-up until that point!

    While vehicle cost goes higher and higher, quality continues to rise as well. We can’t say that about many other items that we purchase (e.g. appliances). The 250,000 mile mark is probably the new sign of “old age” for an automobile and even that is attainable by most models. Best evidence? Look at used car prices and mileage of a great many cars.

    Japan and now South Korea leads in quality for many models, but American car companies stand tall as well. Since the automotive world is global, they are all in this together now. Amenities, design and technology have become the lines of separation, not quality.


  3. Devin "Reggie" Reginald Lindsay · January 10, 2012

    My favorite is the Chevy that looked like a concept car!


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