CornerstoneDad On True Riches With the Mission Men: What is the Canon?

What is the canon of scripture?

Why do some bibles have more books than the 66 found in the King James Version?

Don’t all religions teach the same things in their holy book?

Didn’t a bunch of men just get together and decide what they wanted in the bible and they didn’t put in what they didn’t like?

What about the “lost books” of the bible?

If you’re a Christian, do you know the answer to any of the above questions and how much do you know about the book that people are still dying to possess in other countries to this day?

You may carry it on Sunday, but what do you really know about your bible?

Check out this special 30-minute True Riches with the Mission Men (and our youngest Mission Man, my son!), as we have a tremendous discussion sharpening each other’s iron.

Trust me, this is truly where Theology Meets the Street!

Click HERE to listen: True Riches

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