CornerstoneDad on True Riches With The Mission Men: 5 Myths About Heaven

All rights reserved by Detroit Liger

True Riches With The Mission Men tackles 5 myths about Heaven.

Do you feel there is no Heaven, only sleep/rest/unconsciousness/nothing as heaven and hell are what you make it here?

Do you believe that everybody goes to Heaven?

Do you think that if you believe in God, you’re not atheist or just religious, and you try to treat people fair and right, you’ll go to Heaven because you’re an all-around “good person”?

Do you think you’ll get to Heaven because you’re very religious, you’ve been baptized and you tithe to the church regularly?

Do you feel that if your good works out weigh you bad, you’ll go to Heaven?

If you said yes to any of those questions, as an insurance guy would say, “You are not covered and would suffer loss in a disaster!” However, the loss is this case, is your soul into eternity as you pay for your sins because you have not repented and trusted in the only ransom, Jesus Christ.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the show:

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