Cruising With CornerstoneDad: Chevy Says, “Satisfaction Guaranteed!”

I post this because a regular CornerstoneDad commenter asked my opinion on the Chevy Cruze. After reading this, he can actually buy it and if he doesn’t like it, just take it back!

Some restrictions apply of course.

My son has purchased a new Malibu in the last 30 days, so people (at least in my area and social circle) are certainly considering putting a Chevy in their driveway.

When businesses come with the high pressure warranty sale on my dad, he always says, “Why am I buying your product if you’re so worried about it breaking? Maybe I shouldn’t buy it then!”

(Trust me, that one works well and I use it all the time.)

So props to General Motors for taking such a stand behind its products, as they are obviously confident that people are going to be satisfied.

Yes, I know there’s a psychological game being played here as well but we aren’t going to focus on that right now.

So if you’re a CornerstoneDad getting ready to plop down some cash on a new ride (literally for my Dave Ramsey fans), this may be a reason to stop by your local Chevy dealer and see they can show you some love.

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