CSD Rewind: Is God Truly Righteous…When He Allows Innocent Children To Die?

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After the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 children and 7 adults lost their lives to the senseless act of a 20-year old killer on December 14, 2012, I think it is about time to repost a show we did over at True Riches With The Mission Men.

In this show, we asked the question, is God truly righteous?

Sadly, many people ask the question that if God exists or is good, how can he let young children die and be killed? How could something like this happen beyond his control?

However, this evil shooting should actually draw us closer to the need for a Savior, not push us further away. But for many, events like this are an excuse to move further away.

If there is no God, there is no absolute right or wrong.

If there is no absolute right or wrong, how can we make a moral judgement about the actions of Adam Lanza (Newtown, CT), James Holmes (Aurora, CO), Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine, CO)? By what standard to we determine right or wrong? If we are all allowed to do what we feel is right, what if killing is right in our own eyes?

For the Atheist, how can Man ever cure its propensity for what seems to be unimaginable evil (or at least what we cultural determine is evil, and we know that what is evil in one society is not in another, so is it really evil)?

If you wonder where God was on December 14th and felt he was not in Sandy Hook Elementary, or you want to be able to answer that question for others, please take the time to check out the short episode at:

True Riches With The Mission Men – Is God Truly Righteous



For those who pray, let us continue to do so for the people in that community.


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