Reasons You May Want To Homeschool: You’re Worried Someone May Shoot Up The School On “Doomsday”


Okay, let me get this straight.

All we hear about is how important every single day of school is to students all across the country.

Yet, as I’m watching the late news right now, there is a list of school closings in my area so long that I thought it was ten-inches of snow already coming down.

Then my wife pointed out, “No, they are closed because of fear of something happening.”

Granted, I was in college when the clock changed from 1999 to 2000 (and we even had Prince’s 1999 theme song chanting, “Momma, why does everybody have a bomb?”) But I don’t remember people being worried that someone was going to blast up my university or my son’s elementary school? Granted, we were out that day, but still…

And on that note, let me get this straight.

So you are so worried that some crazy kid (or adult) is going to shoot up the school on December 21, but what makes you think those fools aren’t going to do something when class returns in January 2013?


Always remember, socialization is a two-way street (something homeschooling opponents often forget). When you have an optimistic outlook on socialization, you send your kids to school. But when you start realizing that no amount of “socialization” is worth the life or mental health of your child, it’s amazing that you pull them and put them right where mine have been from the very beginning:


Now who’s the one sheltering their kids?


P.S. – If rumors and one threat is enough justification to close suburban schools, then I guess they ought to close the doors and homeschool every innercity school then because those students have had to go to class under those conditions for over 30 years. Kids in my elementary school carried guns on the last day of class, but I still had to go. As many say, it’s not a problem until it hits the right people, and I guess that’s the case now.

Fears have some schools closing, parents keeping kids home Friday

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WJBK) — Fears about gun violence in schools and the world coming to an end on Friday have many school districts taking drastic measures.  They’re closing early before the holiday break.

Click here for the latest list of school closings

There have been rumors, but we’re told only one specific threat.  Police say a student posted online in Fraser that he would bring a gun to school and was threatening to shoot students.  He was taken into custody and is facing a 20 year felony.  Other than that, several police sources told me they’ve investigated, but found nothing substantial.  Yet some parents say they’ll play it safe and keep their children home on Friday.

The Mayan calendar predicts the world will end.  Ancient predictions of the apocalypse are one thing, but social media suggesting violent threats to schoolchildren, that’s become much more troublesome.

“I’m not letting my kids go to school tomorrow at all,” said Anthony Ventittelli.

He has three daughters.  One is a tenth grader and the other two are ninth graders, all in Hazel Park.

There have been Twitter and Facebook rumors of trouble at Hazel Park, but classes have not been canceled.

What did Ventittelli hear that has him uneasy?

“That they were going to shoot up the school because of this world ending thing or something that’s going on, and the principal said it was my choice.”

Hazel Park Schools told Fox 2 their police liaison investigated Twitter and Facebook rumors, but found nothing substantial.

Now Mayan apocalypse aside, when I spoke with school administrators who decided to cancel classes, they all seem to agree they did not want to cancel classes, but since they feel it has become a “fearful distraction”, they believed they were left with no choice.

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