Wise Words From Jack LaLanne

The kids and I are performing variants of a 5×5 routine (yes, that includes Boney at 6 years of age) and for motivation while training, I like to pull up old Jack LaLanne videos.


Now Jack was before my time, although I certainly do remember watching him on TV growing up. Of course now that I’m getting “old”, I respect the work and knowledge of Jack even more as he just seemed like a hyper-guy making infomercials back-in-the-day.

So on one of the videos, I heard him say this recently:


Your age is:

Your Physical condition

Condition of your mind

How you feel

I like that formula!

Therefore, at 42, perhaps I’m…

Age = Physical condition (strength about same as when I was 30) + Condition of your mind (25? I’m learning something everyday but have learned enough to finally be an adult!)+ How you feel (28 – I feel that best I’ve felt in many years…just can’t stay up as late and function the next day like when I was street racing at 18).

So, if I divide the total by 3, am I around 27 or 28?

I feel and think that’s about right!

LaLanne has inspired me to do something on my 43rd birthday that I’ve never done before. I’ll let you all know what I decide to do.

How about you? Anything you might be willing to try to achieve for your next birthday?

Also, does the formula fit you as well?

Let us know in the comments below.


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