Day 1 of 30 Days On Dads – A Lesson From My Dad, LillPappa

I Teach My Kids To Steal

A couple of years ago I posted why Reggie Jackson was my “mentor” growing up (read here). I’d like to start off our month with one of the lessons I said my father taught me in that post:

“Look at Reggie, and how he handles himself, and that’s how you must handle yourself in this world.”

One of the points my dad was trying to make is do not be what people expect and do not be like everybody else:

– Be smarter than anyone thinks you are

– Be better than anyone thinks you are

– Talk better than anyone thinks you will, because most feel black men are not “articulate” (those who know, understand why that word is in quotes.)

– Perform under pressure, even when you think you cannot do something

– Don’t make stereotypes true with your behavior (I later would adopt Roddy Piper’s line, “Just when you think you have the answer, I change the question)

Those statements have carried me through me life. I thank God I had a father around to teach them to me.

How about you? What ways did your dad dare you to be different?

Let us know in the comments below.


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