Day 17 of 30 Days On Dads – Lesson From Sy Perlis: 91 year old sets bench press record

How could this not inspire you?

We’re talked a lot about the importance of being an in-shape CornerstoneDad in a few posts like here and here.

After seeing Sy, there’s no excuse to not put in work! At 91, yes it’s good to still be strong, but look how functional he is with that strength. The guy isn’t being pushed in a wheelchair and I bet there aren’t too many people lifting things for him at his age. Building strength today is no different from putting money in your bank account now for retirement.

You may use some of it now, but it really benefits you in your later years when you need it most!

Don’t only focus on your 401(k), but also focus on the 45’s, 25’s, 10’s and 5’s that you add to the bar.


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