Day 30 of 30 Days On Dads: Find Something In Every Day


Here we are at the end of the “Father’s Day-Month”.

First, I can’t believe that I was able to write some kind of blog post for 30 days straight. I hope this has created a great habit that I’m going to keep up in the very near future.

Second, and more importantly, like anything you practice for 30 days, it keeps it at the top of your mind. In this case, looking for the special moments each day with my family to blog about brought a new appreciation for my wife, children and my role in our family unit. I really hope it has become the same way for you.

Each day, we can easily become caught up in just living. So with kids, it can really become about the destination over the journey. Before we realize it, they are gone out of the house, and you are now wishing they come over more often to visit or hoping they call to catch you up on the latest happenings in their life.

Yea, life is funny that way.

So from this day forward, please try to take at least 15 minutes, to enjoy the journey.

Visually, enjoy the fact that you can see your children, for you may lose your eyesight and they may have to lead you around.

Enjoy the taste of the meals you have together, and how it’s not the food that makes the moment, but their company. One day, those family meals may only be once or twice per year (if the current trend of moving far away from the immediate family continues in America).

Enjoy the smell of your daughter’s hair when she hugs you, as one day, she will belong to another family and her love will belong to another man.

Enjoy the touch of the hands that grow more each time you hold them when you all pray. They start out so small and delicate, but soon you’ll notice your son’s hands get larger and more callous as he gets closer to manhood and leading his own family.

Enjoy hearing, “I love you Daddy” and hearing them scream your name with jubilee as you come home. One day, that house is going to be empty and that dog that greets you wagging the tail is nothing compared to the memory of hearing those words from the beautiful faces looking at you after a day of getting beat-up on the job.

Yes sir, that’s why June should be Fatherhood month. Because if we could just focus on our family for 30 days, that would develop the habit of remembering they come first over sports, jobs, and outsiders.

That’s the kind of family environment I’m hoping to create, how about you?


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