UNITE Report: Apple’s New Fingerprint Tech


Okay, I’m going to try and be fair and balanced on this one because as you know from my Xbox Kinect posts (see HERE & HERE), I think we are all still opening our selves up more and more each day without even caring…and one day we may care but it’ll be too late.

Apple’s new Fingerprint Tech is the latest prime example and when something gets featured on an Apple-product, many already assume it’s “fine and safe”. Combine that with the fact that Apple-fans are especially trusting of the company and what Apple does today gets copied by everyone and their grandmother tomorrow and well, I’m just not feeling it.

This article on Business Insider seems to be giving the technology a “maybe it’s okay if Apple protects your fingerprint” grade.

While this may be true, do you believe that the data will never get stored on the Cloud?

Is this just much about nothing as we already trust companies (who are not people, they are in business to make money, not protect you) with data about our lives, so what’s the big deal?

Do you trust Apple over other companies in keeping your fingerprint safe?

One person pointed out that as much as we hate the endless amount of passwords we must generate, if a person hacks the PW, you change it and move on. However, we only have 10 fingerprints, and they will eventually be used to open everything!

So check out this article on Business Insider and let us know in the comments section below what you think.


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