CSD StrongDad Program: Holiday Season Mad Crush Journal – Dec 4, 2013 – Feeling Like Franco


With my gym’s plates, they really make a fella feel like Franco as I can only fit one more 45 on the bar…and I’ll be doing that in early 2014 for sure!


Deadlifting in the early morning, you never know how fresh the back is going to be that early. However, when you’re at the commercial gym, you’re often at the mercy of the free power rack. I walked in, saw it was free, and made a beeline.

The first few warm up sets reminded me of the heavy leg presses on Monday. However, I gained an early mental victory when I was able to continue with no straps to 490 lbs.. I remember when no straps to 315 was a struggle.

I thought I was close to a record last workout with 585 lbs., and after checking the record books, I was right there at the door. I knew 600 lbs. was uncharted territory, so I was thinking about that number when I went to bed last night actually. I extended my rest period a bit, load up with 605, POW, it felt smooth as butter! I couldn’t believe it and since it’s the last workout of this phase, I gotta go for more. So I rest another 3 min., waltzed up with my usual pre-pull ritual and pulled 635 lbs. with barely a stutter! Yes, it was tempting to go for more, but all phase I’ve been leaving enough in the tank to return for another day and that wise thinking has been working so I’m going to keep with that attitude now.

The result of the program?

Check out the progress over the last 3 months:















Of course it’ll feel better when I can be like Franco and have the bar bending from the floor.









Next up: Barbell curls –  The results after 10 weeks:













Lastly, my elbows were still aching, so I think they’ve had enough of heavy seated overhead extensions. But since the Smith Machine was free I was able to grab it quickly. It’s actually a good chance to see if my strength transferred to other movements as well because it’s been a while since I’ve performed the exercise. Looks like the results are all good:













So there’s just one more workout left this week before ending this phase. One thing is clear, I need to put down more food and get more rest to take advantage of the heavier weights. I’ve been in this iron game for a minute, and I have to admit that Brooks Kubik’s advice for older lifters seems right on as I’m feeling the strongest than I’ve ever been in my life. So guess what arrived in the mail today…



I can’t wait to dig in and soak up the knowledge for the next phase!

Today’s Final Score:

12/4/2013 – 6 Hrs. of Sleep! Weight: 218.8 Set Reps Weight
Rack Deadlifts 1 10 135
2 5 225
3 5 275
4 3 315
5 3 365
6 1 405
7 1 495
8 1 545
9 1 585
10 1 605
  11 1 635
Barbell Curls 1 5 45
2 3 85
3 3 125
  4 2 125
Reverse Grip Smith Machine Press 1 5 90
2 3 180
3 3 230
  4 3 230


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