CornerstoneDad Bible Family Reading Podcast #1: Genesis 1

Family Bible On The TableDid you ever think about how your life would change if you had no vision? I’m not talking about vision as in psychological direction. I’m talking about physical vision.

This is a reality that my mother is facing as numerous eye surgeries are slowly taking away her once eagle-eye sight. This morning on the way to church, we were listening to a podcast where a guy was describing a bible-reading dramatization that he had created. The thought then came to me (or should I say the Lord gave me the thought?) to make something like this for my parents, as the day may come when my parents may not be able to read scripture on their own. Surely the bible is available in many different forms today, but why not make something personal just for them?

So today, with no delay, is the first recording. None will be perfect I’m sure, but I want to get this project started. It took J. Vernon McGee at least five years to go through the bible, but what he has done has lived and bless us long after his death and that is what we set out to accomplish. At first, this was just going to be something personal that I was doing only for my parents, but what about others who may just want to hear the word in their ears and not buy a product? So I’m sharing our project on as well.

I’m not sure how long it will take to get through the bible, but I hope that whenever we conclude, that my folks are here to enjoy over and over again.

May God show us grace, as we are speakers and hearers of His word.

Click HERE to listen.



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