Setting Records and Clankin’ Steel – Great Way To End January’s Strength Phase

I’m still working out, but follow the progress and workouts over at:!


It’s actually beginning to happen. The Large Professor is beginning to get noticed by the veterans in the gym and they are giving him props for putting in the work.  Strength-wise, he is progressing very well as his workouts are very similar to mine with about the same number of sets. This means that his body is allowed to adjust and learn how to handle increasingly heavier loads set-after-set.

Now handling increasingly heavier loads is exactly what I’ve been able to do this phase. I finished with PRs on every day over the last week and felt great. The extra upper-body day has allowed my lower back to be fresh on squat and deadlift days which means more fresh days are being stored in the tank.

Overall, out of the 31 days in January, I did some lifting or treadmill (oh how I hate that thing) 27 days. That’s how I…

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