CornerstoneDad Covering The NAIAS 2015





Party people, it’s that time of year again!

Grab the kids, have a sit-down, check out the shots, and tell those stories.

Feel free to comment below on some of your favorites.


3 thoughts on “CornerstoneDad Covering The NAIAS 2015

  1. Man I hope this show is better in person, because it’s been quite the let down just by the pictures. I keep checking various websites looking for automotive excitement, only to be disappointed time and again with the same handful of cars shown on media day.
    Where are all the cool concepts with daring design that we know will never be built? The dream machines. Even though I’ve only been to a few, & those were over 20 years ago, it just seems like the excitement is gone.
    And please tell me what the heck is that ugly thing called the Ram Rebel! Ford debuts a sweet looking all new Raptor & Dodge puts an ugly grill & a 2″ lift on a 1500. I don’t care if they call it Ram, it’s still Dodge to me.


    1. Good points Aaron! You’re right! I’ll post some of the concepts and I’d like to hear what you think. But overall, concepts now are VERY close to production ready. I think fuel economy regs, crash tests, etc. have taking much of the creativity out of the design studio as well.


      1. Yea you’re right. My childhood dream was to be a car designer and I had quite the imagination. “Concepts” should stimulate the public’s imagination.


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