“The Talk” Never Has An Expiration Date for African-American Parents

Seattle Man

This man is 70 years old.

Is he a thug?

Why didn’t the officer lose her job?

Is the officer a thug?

Many are under the impression that only young African-American males are under more scrutiny by the police, as if they bring it on themselves under the guise of “black crime” (e.g. “super predators“).  However, I have pointed out numerous cases where older men have been under the same scrutiny for no reason. My caucasian father-in-law, who is in his mid-70s, has no fear of being pulled over by the police and he certainly doesn’t fear being arrested for walking with his cane.

Therefore, these types of incidents have more in common with Black Codes, than just some rogue police officer.

And again, if this is just one of those “bad” officers, why does she get to keep her job?

Is the police union concerned about truth and having an ethical department, or just supporting “their own”?

Read the story HERE.


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