If Only We Were As Serious About Domestic Terrorism As We Are With International Terrorism

.why am I supposed to be more threatened by international terrorists? The funny (or is it sad) thing is that I’ve seen so many swastikas, and KKK related symbols on bathroom walls, etc. down through the years, I almost didn’t notice it! But with the artistic skill involved, this one was quite special and noticeable.



CornerstoneDad Announcement: Cornerstone…Grandfather?

My son KD, now has one that he will lead...

My son KD, now has one that he will lead…

Yes, that’s right!

Kory Devon is now building his own quiver, making me a Grandfather.

It is amazing to think that our family now has another generation added to it.

My grandfather was “Pop”.

My father took on the name “Lillpappa”.

Therefore, I will be taking on “Cool Pappa”.

This is also influenced by Negro League baseball player, James “Cool Papa” Bell.

While I’m sure I’ll be blogging about many of my thoughts from the eldership promotion, I’ll say right now that the biggest blessing that remains on my mind is that my father is still alive, I am still alive, my son is still alive and my grandson is now alive. Together, we all now span almost seven decades of life. From WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, Reaganomics, computers, the internet, 9/11, The War on Drugs, The War on Terror and so much more.

God has been so good, so all I can do now is just be so thankful…for life.

CSD aka “Cool Pappa”

CSD Snapshots: Are You Ready For Some Football?

Today I had the opportunity to shoot my son’s football games from the field. I haven’t shot from the sidelines since his high school playing days and I must admit that I enjoy shooting sports even more than cars. I must say, there’s something about catching the action and emotion of the players on the field.

Although the score didn’t come out is his favor, it’s good that everyone was able to walk off the field. That’s something players should never take for granted whether playing flag-football, high school, or semi-pro like my son.

Enjoy the shots!

Showdown: Michigan Gators vs. Metro Detroit Wolverines

Cruising with CornerstoneDad: Street Cruise – June 2011

The only really time I enjoy the area we live in is, you guessed it, summer time! There’s a cruise nearly every weekend and the Tribe knows the routine: Grab the food, folding chairs, and camera.

Right now, it’s the only way I survive the minivan years…by hoping that one day, I can pile the Tribe (or at least some of them) in my muscle car (defined by the era, not the category) or Stang and cruise down the street as well.

But until then, here are some photos of some of the better rides from the sidelines, as CornerstoneDad’s lens saw them:

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Dad, Get the Gift That Keeps On Giving


As I pointed out in my previous post, I have always enjoyed taking photos. However, like any other hobby, what is my “thang” may not be someone else’s “thang”. But Dads, if you have children, you need to get a camera and use it.

Now,  I’m writing this to you to give you plenty of notice as Thanksgiving is around the corner and if money is going to be too tight before then, you can get ready to shop online or hit the stores for the “Black Friday” sales. Actually, our family’s first digital camera was this inexpensive HP E317 model like the one below that my photo friend teased me heavily about. Yet, this little camera delivered a couple of my best shots ever. Now, that does go to show that sometimes it is not about the price of the equipment, but whether you read the instruction booklet and learn how to use it. So buy what your wallet can afford and don’t get sucked into the novice megapixel game.

Your homework if you will, is to take photos of your family this holiday season. Try not to have everyone pose for every picture, but just get shots of the family interacting. Now, most of you likely have done this, but when was the last time you went back and looked at the photos? At least every year, I suggest you go back and look at the photos from the previous holiday a year prior. I think you are going to be amazed at how much your family has changed in what seemed to be a short amount of time.

Men spend so much time every day at work or looking for work, most are not fortunate enough to be stay-at-home dads that get to catch so many moments like mom often catches. Perhaps your kids are older, well my friend, pretty soon they will not even be spending holidays with you, but with friends or “friends” (if you know what I mean). So capture those memories while you can.

Personally, I have more children that most of the people I know. Conversely, I know of no one who has a house as small as mine. Meaning, I have no man-cave, basement, hot rod, or anything else to “escape” when the kids start working my nerves. But recently I started looking at some photos I had just taken earlier this year. My girls have changed the most out of everybody in last few months and it dawned on me how time is flying by. Pretty soon, Lord’s Will and the creek-don’t-rise, they will have their own families or perhaps living far away and we will not be able to be together. Then I will be wanting to run to them, instead of running away from them.

If you need any tips on making a camera purchase, there are some great inexpensive models out there and I am glad to help. As much as I hate to say it, use the camera-phone if you have to, as long as you download the pictures and not just leave them there to send to relatives. Enjoy dads and appreciate the fact that you no longer have to take film in to develop (unless you want) and you can delete the bad pictures, which are common when shooting indoors.

Enjoy, stay strong, and show them some love.

Cool Pappa

Shooting With Dad


When I was younger, I remember my dad, aka Lillpappa, having a really nice camera and always taking pictures.  When I got older, I started with my little pocket camera and now I have finally moved up to a digital SLR. Needless-to-say, sometimes it is not even about the destination with me, but whether I can shoot some nice photos once I get there. My kids are now catching the photo-bug as well.

Children can catch things with the lens that we as adults often miss. First, our perspective of the world is of course taller. Many pictures we even take of them are shot from up above. However, there seems to be much more “pop” to photos that they may take of each other, face-to-face, that we do not catch from above. With the price of digital camera being extremely cheap or perhaps you have that old one sitting around that you never use, why not let your kids use or at least borrow it? Next, plan an afternoon where you take them out and view the world through the lens. Whether you barely know anything about shooting photos and you only use it when your wife tells you she wants shots of the kid’s birthday gigs, or whether you are a professional, I guarantee you that your kids will appreciate just the opportunity to be with you. The learning, the interaction and nice photos bring added value to the trip.

Lillpappa loved to take photos of bridges and still does to this day. The Golden Gate bridge has been our family favorite, but a bridge just about anywhere is worthy of a shot. Look for plenty of other bridge photos in the future shot by me, Cool Pappa, and my tribe.

Until next time dads, stay strong and show the family some love.

Cool Pappa