CornerstoneDad Announcement: Cornerstone…Grandfather?

My son KD, now has one that he will lead...

My son KD, now has one that he will lead…

Yes, that’s right!

Kory Devon is now building his own quiver, making me a Grandfather.

It is amazing to think that our family now has another generation added to it.

My grandfather was “Pop”.

My father took on the name “Lillpappa”.

Therefore, I will be taking on “Cool Pappa”.

This is also influenced by Negro League baseball player, James “Cool Papa” Bell.

While I’m sure I’ll be blogging about many of my thoughts from the eldership promotion, I’ll say right now that the biggest blessing that remains on my mind is that my father is still alive, I am still alive, my son is still alive and my grandson is now alive. Together, we all now span almost seven decades of life. From WWII, the Civil Rights Movement, Reaganomics, computers, the internet, 9/11, The War on Drugs, The War on Terror and so much more.

God has been so good, so all I can do now is just be so thankful…for life.

CSD aka “Cool Pappa”


  1. William · December 22, 2013

    congrats “cool pappa”


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