CSD Saying Happy Father’s Day With Never Released Before Content

First, Happy Father’s Day to all my CSDs out there!

You know, it seems just like yesterday. The years I spent as a single-dad when my son was between 10-15 years old were the worst compared to the other 13 years. During this time period, I was struggling financially and trying to finish school to earn my degree, with the hope of coming up in this land of milk-n-honey. I was also trying to provide for my other children that were being born with my wife and also going to work at various places meant days that never ended and stress that felt like I was carrying a weight 24/7.

My poor sociology teacher had to read all about my struggles, as I poured my heart out in essay after essay. My son was at an age where he could choose (he was not given that “right” by me, but by his mom and the court) whether he wanted to come over to my home or not, and oftentimes for various reasons, he would not. Perhaps the ultimate knife in my chest was when he told the referee that he did not want to come to my home, as there were too many rules, he did not have fun and all we did was go over his grandparent’s house. My heart stopped beating that day in the court room, as I was fighting to maintain the visitation rights that I fought for when he was just a baby. I thought, “And this is how I get paid back?” “I’m being treated worse than Cain who said, ‘It ain’t mine’ and bounced. For those who have seen Menace To Society, they know what I’m talking about.

But it was all of those experiences that moved me to create this blog years later.

The essay below was one that I wrote in 2001 for my Social Science Theory class. My superb professor had us all develop a theory by the end of the semester, as she knew that social and psychological theories that change the world are not only born when you have a Ph.D.. So it is in the environment above that I have described, that my Alliance Theory was born. When I performed my research for the paper (yes, done without the internet and we had just got a computer for me to type this on), I learned that my theory had basically been previously presented and was known as Parental Alienation Syndrome.

I’ve never shared this publicly, and I’m posting pictures of the essay until I can type a more recent edition. Therefore, you get to see all of my grammar mistakes, the faded paper, etc.. But I wanted to share this on Father’s Day to once again encourage those of you struggling as well. You may not get to see your son or daughter today, as they may choose (or the mother may choose for them) to spend it with a new guy, with mommy or a step-father instead.

I know it hurts. It hurts to watch you and your child’s relationship melt and you seem to be the only one that cares. You know your child has no idea the impact that this is going to have in his or her life. But you hang in there. Never give up and cry to yourself if necessary. Emotions usually spring forth in the only way society allows men to grieve, and that’s through anger and violence. But you probably know that when you lose control in those arguments, you lose. She can just pick up her “toys” if you will, and go home. You look like the bad-guy, and to your child, you are that bad guy. Why? Read the essay below.

Make today a special day for yourself. It’s special because you are still there, whether your son or daughter understands right now or not.

Now this was written 14 years ago, but what do you think? How has your life experience been and does this theory fit your situation? Let me know in the comments below or email me.

So again, if that phone doesn’t ring or no one comes to visit, you at least get a heart felt Happy Father’s Day from CSD my man, and may God bless you.


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Happy Father’s Day CornerstoneDads!

This is was our Family Truckster when I was growing up and this picture says so much about our family and the sacrifices my dad made for us.

But remember, it’s all about standards.

And one standard my dad has is no matter what you’re driving, it must be clean and if chrome, it must be shining!

I’m sure there’s a bible verse somewhere saying that…




Father’s Day Weekend Is Here – So Why Do We Get Played On The Gift?

Not a day goes by that I’m not relaying some lesson that I learned my dad to someone.

This weekend, I’ll share a few with you that perhaps you can relate to, heard as well, or just plain find silly.

But first, a lot of press is being made with this stat:

Americans are expected to spend about $7.4 billion less on gifts and goodies for dads this Father’s Day than they spent on moms for Mother’s Day last month, according to the National Retail Federation.

Is this really a surprise?

A mom gets dinner, an expensive purse, shoes, clothing, jewelry, spa trip, hair “did”, etc..

A dad gets tools (but you better not get her a vacuum), socks, a tie, hat, book and if all else fails, a gift card he’ll never use.

Then lets really keep it real, if you’re a single-dad, you’re lucky to see your child on Father’s Day, as something may ‘come up” in the mom’s life where your child is “unavailable” for a visit! Even if they’re old enough to visit on their own, you’ll be lucky to get a visit then either. But there’s NO WAY they would miss making it to mom’s and feeling her wrath, if they didn’t get over there for Mother’s Day.

All I can say to all of this is:

C'mon Man


















CornerstoneDad on True Riches With The Mission Men – Is Your Church Too Feminized?

I don’t know about you, but my dad was much more like this guy…

…than this guy!


Father’s Day is around the corner and I want you to do old CSD a favor.

Is the message different that what you heard on Mother’s Day?

If your Mother’s Day message praised and exalted motherhood, do you expect the Father’s Day message to do the same?

Unfortunately, in many churches that I’ve belong to, the exact opposite happened. Father’s were lectured, told they needed to do more, and made-fun-of like and talked about like they are Homer Simpson more than Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

What is going on? Why don’t men go to church? Why are women having to drag men to church?

Check out this two part series on True Riches With The Mission Men and leave us your comments.

Are we way off? Right on the mark? Too sensitive? Is the problem worse than what we even discussed?

We’re on iTunes! Just click the link below to listen to Has The Church Become Too Feminized I and II.