CornerstoneDad on True Riches With The Mission Men – Is Your Church Too Feminized?

I don’t know about you, but my dad was much more like this guy…

…than this guy!


Father’s Day is around the corner and I want you to do old CSD a favor.

Is the message different that what you heard on Mother’s Day?

If your Mother’s Day message praised and exalted motherhood, do you expect the Father’s Day message to do the same?

Unfortunately, in many churches that I’ve belong to, the exact opposite happened. Father’s were lectured, told they needed to do more, and made-fun-of like and talked about like they are Homer Simpson more than Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

What is going on? Why don’t men go to church? Why are women having to drag men to church?

Check out this two part series on True Riches With The Mission Men and leave us your comments.

Are we way off? Right on the mark? Too sensitive? Is the problem worse than what we even discussed?

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