If You Ain’t Cheating, You Ain’t Winning or Does Cheating Show A Deeper Problem In an Athlete’s Life?


Dad’s, with all of the cheating that is going on in sports these days, how do you talk to your kids about this issue?

It’s hardly new. “Back in my day”, I wanted to throw a knuckler like Phil and Joe Niekro and a spitball like Gaylord Perry. Those were fun guys and Joe and Gaylord were cheaters, but hey, it was funny right? Did George Brett really mean to run Pine Tar that far up on the bat?

Come on! Lighten up!

Now this was before we really got serious on baseball cheaters like McGwire, Sosa, Bond (allegedly), A-Rod and the list goes on and on in that sport. But then there’s “Stickum” in football, anabolic steroids, growth hormone in almost every Olympic sport, blood doping in cycling, academic cheating from junior high through college for basketball and football players, car modification cheating in racing…maybe it is true, if you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying!

So we really shouldn’t be tripping out about Tom Brady.

But this article in The Root breaks down that we do view and talk about cheaters differently, I highly recommend giving it a read.

Here are some of the highlights:

“If he were black, people would be calling him a criminal and saying that his behavior reflected some innate values. They would blame hip-hop, single mothers and the culture of poverty. If he were a black player, the conversation wouldn’t be about Goodell or the system but how the lack of a work ethic and morals led him to cut corners, to win “by any means necessary.” If he were black, the conversation would turn to affirmative action and how he was forced to cheat because he lacked the skills needed to excel at this elite level….Brady demonstrates yet again that whites are innocent … until proved innocent. Any evidence to the contrary proves that the system is flawed, that we have a miscarriage of justice.”


Dad’s when you’re having this discussion with your kids, do you unknowingly talk differently based on the color of the athlete?

It’s something to think about and it’s how we teach our children about so-called race, without ever talking about race in our homes. Then we proudly exclaim to the world, “I teach my kids that skin color doesn’t matter, everybody should be treated the same!”

So do you treat everyone the same in your actions and judgements on who’s a cheater and who isn’t? Perhaps this is a good discussion to have with ourselves first, and then our children as well.


Comment Highlight From Big Kev – You Know You’re Getting Older When…

Big Kev left this in the comment section of yesterday’s post (see here) and I felt it deserved to be front and center. I’m sorry, but the Urgent Care transition gets the LOL for real!

I’ve been here before as well, as I distinctly remember the day Kory beat me running for the first time. I would have beat him if it would’ve been a 25- yard race, but it was 40-yards and he ended up smoking me!

Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics - CSD Strength is being able and ready to carry our kid's home, no matter what their age.

Derek Redmond in the 1992 Olympics – CSD Strength is being able and ready to carry our kid’s home, no matter what their age.

“Well sir, I hope you reach your 90% / one week goal, as I too am in the process of recuperating. Out taking a leisurely walk with the family Saturday evening and was feeling rather good after returning home. My teenage sons had taken off on a foot race….had I allowed my brain to complete its factoring of variables as to why I would have been the perfect spectator…I would not have taken pursuit. Now, I must say that I surprised them both at the rate I was able to “catch” them but catching them wasn’t good enough, heyday memories began to cloud my judgement and I lined my oldest up for a “I’ll show you” sprint!!
We were given the ready, set, go….I shot out of the blocks seeing victory ahead…I lost? After leaving Urgent Care, I was told its only a sprained knee and I only have to wear the knee brace for about a week.
I’ll get him next time.”

Thanks Big Kev!

I wish you a speedy recovery as well my man and I’m glad it was only a sprain.

If I have to mention Big Kev, I gotta throw up a pic of a Comet GT! The times we had in that ride...

If we have something from Big Kev, I gotta throw up a pic of a Comet GT! The times we had in that ride…