Introducing: TIA – The Next American Idol?

Message for more young people: Stop teaching yourself how to play video games and teach yourself how to play an instrument or learn a skill!

I think the best parts of American Idol are the shows highlighting the people who miss notes like Tim Tebow in the 1st quarter of a Bronco game. But you know, not all of the performers on the “worst of” shows who audition know that they can’t sing. Many have probably received standing ovations from their family at reunions or in their church. Lets just say, the hometown crowd can be quite forgiving. Therefore, I didn’t know what to expect when I recently asked my little cousin to sing for me for the first time while recently visiting the family.

Yes, I remember when…I remember when she was born…I remember that squeaky little voice…and I’ve really missed her and her siblings since her family has moved. Trust me, I don’t really miss other people’s kids, whether they are my family members or not, but I’ve really missed my little cousins.

Hopefully her dad, who is definitely a CornerstoneDad, will make it on an upcoming podcast episode (and Happy Birthday Big Cuz since it’s right around the corner). He has a tremendous testimony, much wisdom, and he was the first in my age group that said, “We are going to have a ton of children regardless of what people say or our circumstances…”

Six kids later…

But back to Tia, I was so impressed at her ability to not only sing, but she also taught herself how to play the guitar plus she writes and composes her own songs.

So check out this video I took with my Canon T1 (the transitions would have been better with a real video camera so forgive me videophiles). Tia allowed me to record her after one of her classes at college. Her first performance was totally impromptu while sitting in the house with fuzzy slippers on, so I figured she certainly deserves a better presentation of her skills.

Would Tia ever audition for American Idol? Who knows, but if she ever decides to do so I think she’d be celebrating with, “I’m going to Hollywood!” and making the family proud every step of the way.

Now Tia, how about that theme song for the CornerstoneDad Podcast huh? Yea I know, family’s always trying to get the hook-up…

Enjoy the video and please check her out at her YouTube page at .

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  1. V. Lindsay · November 19, 2011

    I agree with you my Tia can sing.


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