What Did Boney Say: How NOT To Treat Your Employees

Big Homie (7 yrs. old) and Boney (5 yrs. old) were playing. Big Homie was her boss and asked Boney to draw something.

Somewhere along the line, Boney said, “How much do I get paid for this?”

Big Homie said, “I do not have any money, so I’ll give you some Monopoly money.”

Boney expressed her concern of not being paid with real money.

Big Homie basically said, “You’re fired!”

Boney then decided that she will go in her room and barricade the door because, “…she didn’t want to be disturbed.” However, she really did not want to let him in.

What was her former boss’s response?

He offered her the job back, but through the door, she refused.

So his next action, was to go in his room and barricade himself behind the door!

Life lesson for those of us in the workplace?

If you treat your employees bad, one day, no matter how grateful you think they should be in this economy, they are going to leave and not come back.

If you’re an employee, it’s smart to find out how much you are going to get paid BEFORE doing the work. Because in the end, she has five other people in this house the she may be able to market her talent of drawing to, but she’s the cheapest labor that he can find…so his baricade might as well be for the bill-collectors when he has to close up shop.

“When Keeping It Real and Outsourcing Goes Wrong”

Did you hear that America?


One comment

  1. William sanders Jr. · April 10, 2012

    Some of life’s greatest lessons come from kids. Nice read


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