CornerstoneDad Privacy Alert: Insurance Companies Want Your Car’s Data

A few years ago, I predicted this was going to happen and folks thought that I had the tin-foil hat on again. But State Farm (and I’m sure others are sure to follow soon) wants your data, urrr….car’s data. Now this isn’t completely new, and trust me, it will one day be common. But lets think about the ramifications.

1.) At least once per week, I travel to a high crime area. Now they already judge me on the number of days I drive my car to the office, and that’s only part of the week, so why would they NOT develop an algorithm to determine the increased risk on the other days?

2.) For you vacation-draft-behind-truck-speeders…gotcha. Forget about your Fuzzbuster (my old school dads know what I’m talking about-that’s a radar detector for those born after 1985), your car will just report that you averaged 79 mph with applied braking at high speeds.

3.) Don’t get me started how they are messing people over by using their credit report as another factor in determining rates.

…can you give us a few more?

What other things do you think the insurance companies will extract from your ride and driving habits?

Oh yea, I bet the amount of the discount for good behavior is never as high as the rate increase for bad behavior. That’s not justice, that’s insurance company mathematics.

What do you think?


  1. william · June 5, 2012

    I also wonder if they can tell whether you are using your vehicle for transportation business , by juding your weight everytime you move.
    Also no more i only drive it for recreational purpose about 5000 milesa year BUSTED.
    BIG brother keeps getting BIGGER and we came seem to stop him.

    oh yea I remember picturing you in that tin-foil hat jokes on us.


    • CornerstoneDad · June 5, 2012

      You are so right! Since the vehicle user interacts with telematic systems like Sync, they could also see if someone else has been driving your car as well. You let your teenager drive but they are not on your insurance policy…gotcha! “Sir, we noticed that Sync’s station commands completely changed from Marvin Gaye to Lil’ Wayne when your vehicle was being used Friday night.”


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