CSD Ride Like The Wind Bike Mission Update

Freeway Bike Path


After a night of little sleep but much tossing and turning, mentally getting up for a 90-degree day bike ride was kind-of rough.

But again, I have to enjoy this lovely weather while the gettin’-is-good, so off to the trail I went.

This time, I decide to ride along the freeway on a path that is normally empty but extremely noisy and pretty ugly. This is usually a good one to ride when I know the local park trail is jammed or when I don’t have the energy for the hills of the park…and it’s the latter excuse today.

You know, doesn’t it feel great when your first get on and you’re easily cruising on your mountain bike 4×4 tires at 16+mph. Then it dawned on me. A storm watch was in effect and sure enough, when I turned around to head south, BAM, that headwind knocked me down to 10 mph real fast.

But overall, great ride, 11.2 miles, which brings us up to 82.6 after 7 rides.

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