CSD Ride of the Day: Dart GTS Sport

It’s car show time!

CornerstoneDad Snapshots

69 Dart GTS Sport

SOURCE: http://www.musclecarclub.com/musclecars/dodge-dart/dodge-dart-history-2.shtml

Comments: Dodge introduced a new GTS trim for its Dodge Dart line to compete against Chevy’s Nova SS. The hot GTS was available with either a standard 340 cid V8 with 275 bhp or an optional 383 V8 with 300 bhp. Coupled with its light 3,000 pound curb weight, the Dodge Dart GTS did very well on the street and the track. Unfortunately, the extra weight of the 383 tended to negate the power advantage of the 383 over the 340. Furthermore, the 340 was rumored to actually produce over 300 bhp which helps explains the lack of improvement with the 383 engine. Other technical enhancements included a low-restriction exhaust system with chrome tips, Rallye suspension, 14×5.5 inch wheel rims and E70-14 Red Streak tires. A three-on-the-tree manual transmission was standard, though most GTS models were sold with either a four-speed Hurst floor shift manual or a competition-type…

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