CSD Fantasy Football League: Pre-Season Hype

Finally we have some players in the CSD Fantasy Football League!

I hope this is a great way to have fun with the kids and add some new spice when you are all watching the game.

Below is a listing of how the first six rounds played out, the teams and how Yahoo graded their draft picks. Unfortunately, I know the Baldhead Slicks, The Crushers and The Best Team didn’t participate in the draft because their dad committed to playing softball just before the draft date, so he had a game (okay, that was me).

Way to go dad, way to go…

So my kids learned already that sometimes, you’re a victim of things you just can’t control. You know, like the Lakers not getting Chris Paul because of David Stern.

Best wishes teams! May you all play hard, but I hope the Bald-one gets bragging rights in the end.


The Commish – BaldHeadSlick

Draft Report

League and Draft Report Card


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