2013 CSD Fantasy Football Winner Is… Father_N_TwoBoys!

Final Fantasy UpdateLombardi.Trophy.closeup

In the end, there is always one winner. But in this fantasy football season, there were almost two. With the season ending last week, some were not happy about their place in the standings, while others are very happy about where they stood. If there is one way a championship should end, I want it to be a close one. That’s what happened last week with a match-up that was almost close enough to set a record. Here is what Yahoo had to say about it.

Father_N_TwoBoys got 18.30 points from Demaryius Thomas and 16.00 from the St. Louis Rams Defense, stealing one from BaldHeadSlicks 99.94 – 98.48. The playoff win was notable, with the 1.46-point margin of victory being the third-smallest recorded in the league this season. Father_N_TwoBoys has been coming up strong regularly and has now won four straight. Father_N_TwoBoys wins their second matchup with BaldHeadSlicks in as many games, and their head-to-head record improves to 3-1. BaldHeadSlicks concluded the regular season in second place with a record of 9-5. With a scoring average of 119.62, they also placed second in the league in that metric. This season, BaldHeadSlicks had the league’s best average scoring margin, defeating opponents by 30.81 points per game.

Playing for third place was FluffyKittens and william’s team. That game was not as notable, as FluffyKittens came out on top 152.00125.28.

The fight for fifth place was even less notable, as The Best Team tried to beat Cool Cats. The Best Team celebrated victory when the owner won 137.6483.32.

Congratulations to Father_N_TwoBoys for taking the trophy (P.S. there’s no trophy), and may you have more success in your fantasy football career.

To everyone else, thanks for playing and thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this season.

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 6 Fantasy Update



Remember last week when I said I would lose to william’s Team this week? All I have to say is; I think I have what it takes to be a fortune teller. Here are the summaries.

The Kansas City Chiefs Defense scored a team-leading 26.00 points to help Father_N_TwoBoys (4-2, 773.32) knock off The Crushers (0-6, 635.68), 120.44 – 111.48. The 120.44 points put up by Father_N_TwoBoys was the lowest winning score of the week and the win was the team’s third in a row.

BaldHeadSlicks (4-2, 730.16) got 27.50 points from Marshawn Lynch and knocked off FluffyKittens (3-3, 720.26), 125.36 – 98.40. BaldHeadSlicks scored 12.3% more points than projected (111.58) and has now beaten expectations for three straight weeks.

william’s Team (4-2, 635.08) picked up the league’s highest score of the week from Cam Newton (30.68 points) and waxed The Best Team (3-3, 693.70), 126.68 – 82.80. It was the biggest margin of victory of the season for william’s Team.


I’m hoping I will be able to come back into first place. But for now, I’ll have to do everything in my power to get to that top spot. Unfortunately for me, I hate waiting a week for things to happen.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s update and I’ll see you next time.

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 4 Fantasy Update



This is going to end up being the best week of my season, titled, “The Time I Took the Lead”. But the only thing that I’m having trouble with is that the guy I told you couldn’t change his lineup, still can’t. The bad part is, his QB had a bye week, allowing me to take the lead. But I had the chance to talk to him again, this time saying the commissioner of the league will soon send him an email hopefully letting him come back into the league. But, personally, I think he’ll do just fine even without changing his lineup, seeing that this week’s lose is the first for him. So he should do just fine (until everybody else has a bye). Plus, I’m sure I’ll get over this guilt when I go up against him in week 6 and probably beats me.

Here is what Yahoo! said about the games in the league.

The Best Team earned their third consecutive win when they trashed The Crushers 137.92 – 82.44. They were led by Darren Sproles who had 24.20 points and Jimmy Graham who had 22.00. The streak is the result of some high scoring by The Best Team, who owns the second-highest overall point total in the league this season and is averaging 126.60 points per matchup. On top of the loss, The Crushers got zero points from Steven Jackson. The Crushers holds steady in sixth place with a 0-4 record. The Best Team is in first place having also recently blown through BaldHeadSlicks (149.60 – 136.50) and FluffyKittens (119.56 – 118.56).

BaldHeadSlicks (fifth place, 2-2, 484.02 points) drops william’s Team (3-1, 455.88 points) out of the league’s top spot after beating them 141.12 – 99.80. They also got the second-highest point total in the league this week. Each side hit their projections, but BaldHeadSlicks put up 25.9% more points than projected (112.08) to earn the win. william’s Team was led by Victor Cruz with 22.40 points and the Denver Broncos Defense who scored 18.00. On top of the loss, william’s Team got goose eggs from both Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski.

Father_N_TwoBoys (2-2, 547.36 points) beat FluffyKittens (2-2, 493.50 points) 173.42 – 131.28, putting up the second-highest point total this season. Father_N_TwoBoys had a 92.40 – 57.00 advantage after the early games on Sunday. The tide turned in favor of FluffyKittens by a 0.18-point margin following the Sunday night game. However, Father_N_TwoBoys pulled out the victory with a comeback on Monday night.

Remember when I barely beat FluffyKittens? With a stat correction taking place last week, it was even closer. I beat the Kittens by one point, not only the closest game of the season, but the closest game of this league’s two seasons. That one’s going into the record book, alright.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s update and see you next time!

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 3 Fantasy Update


This is one bad fluffy kitten!


Week three is over and again there were some pretty close games in our fantasy league this week. I honestly thought that I was going to lose my game. Others I knew for sure that were going to lose, but they held on, but anyway, let’s get to the recaps.

TLZ Baldhead

Baldhead Slick Mascot


BaldHeadSlicks against Father_N_TwoBoys. This matchup was more of a lead swapping than anything else. BaldHeadSlicks was first to draw blood with 29.4 points going into Sunday while Father_N_TwoBoys had to start from zero. Then Father_N_TwoBoys took the lead early Sunday but couldn’t hold on to it letting BaldHeadSlicks late Sunday. After that, BaldHeadSlicks wouldn’t give it up. They won 117.48 – 100.88.

The closest game all season was this week three matchup, The Best Team trying to take down FluffyKittens. I never had to taste the bitterness of not being in the lead, being The Best Team. But this was the part where I thought I was going to lose. I had a 17 point lead leaving Sunday night. You might think that that is enough to get me the win. But FluffyKittens still had their player with the highest points to play. I ended up beating them 120.56 – 118.56 in, again, the closest matchup of the season thus far.

FluffyKittens owner had this to say after the game,

“Please give [Cornerstone Kid] my congrats for beating the mighty Fluffy Kittens. I went to bed up one point on him and woke up to find I lost by two. Even in the FF world close ones are tough to stomach.

Knowshon Moreno was to be the difference, but he has a no-show. Noshow Moreno.”

I like the recap that Yahoo! gave for this matchup:

william’s Team got the third-highest score of the week from Cam Newton on the way to their third win in as many matchups when they beat The Crushers 114.62 – 90.64. Both sides missed scoring opportunities as william’s Team had one starter turn in zero points and The Crushers had two. The Crushers falls to sixth place with a 0-3 record. william’s Team remains undefeated and on top of the league having also run over The Best Team (132.70 – 99.32) and Father_N_TwoBoys (108.76 – 96.88).

I was not very happy about that lose to william’s Team, but like my dad always said, “The best way to get payback is on the baseball field.” Well, when he said that, we were talking about baseball. But the meaning is still the same.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s fantasy update. See you next week!

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 2 Fantasy Update


The scores are in, and week 2 is in the books. But what exactly is in the books? Some made a great comeback; while others didn’t even get to taste the lead (I’m not naming anybody). All I can say to that person is… keep on trying. I had the chance to talk to one of the fantasy owners, and he said something that could be very encouraging. He hasn’t looked at the league since he joined, and he doesn’t know anything that’s been going on in the league all season. That man is now 2-0. The moral of the story: if you have the right players on your team, you can leave them starting all season and still be good. I’m going to give you my summary for two of the games.

The Best Team against BaldHeadSlicks. There aren’t many chances you get to beat your dad in things, but this time, I got the best of him. The Best Team won 149.60 – 136.50 in a comeback, putting up the highest score in the league this week. Both teams played very well, but Seattle sealed the deal for The Best Team. The Best Team is 1-1 in fourth place while BaldHeadSlicks remains in last with a record of 0-2.

This is what Yahoo! said about this matchup:

FluffyKittens got past The Crushers, who had trouble scoring points this week, 114.38 – 86.18. While each team fell short of expectations, FluffyKittens scored 91.9% of a projected 124.42 points to get the win. The Crushers was done in by a substantial drop in scoring from last week’s 176.18 – 149.18 loss against Father_N_TwoBoys. FluffyKittens (2-0, 244.86 points) shifts into first place while The Crushers (0-2, 235.36 points) goes to fifth place.

This matchup was the closest of all in week 2. william’s Team and Father_N_TwoBoys traded the lead a couple of times before william’s Team wouldn’t give it up anymore and won 108.76 – 96.88.

That’s all I have for this week’s update, and remember to check in every week to see what’s going on the league! Have a great day and see you next week.

Cornerstone Kid

CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 1 Fantasy Update


CSD Football Standings - Week 1

The first week of football is over and we found out who was good and who was, well, not so good. There are going to be some losers and there are going to be some winners in the league. However, all in my household lost by 25+ points. But this is just the start of a 14-game season and Yahoo thinks my brother is going to be 1-13 (which you can’t help but hope happens if you’re me), but you cannot always believe them. Granted, at least they say that I’m going to be nice and cozy in third place. Here is what Yahoo said about the fantasy games:

William’s Team picked up the third-highest player point total of the week from Victor Cruz (29.80) and defeated The Best Team [me] 132.70 –

99.32. The Best Team was led by Aaron Rodgers with 25.62 points and Andre Johnson who scored 14.60. The Best Team opens at 0-1 and FluffyKittens picked up the highest score this week from Peyton Manning (46.28) to put a thrashing on BaldHeadSlicks 130.48 – 88.92.

Father_N_TwoBoys put up the highest point total this week to get the win over The Crushers 176.18 – 149.18. While both sides played quite well, Father_N_TwoBoys scored 41.1% more points than projected (124.82) to pick up the win. Colin Kaepernick brought in the second-highest score for the week with 30.68 points for The Crushers.

Opening 0-1 is not good for me (especially because I’m named the Best Team) but it was the first week and I was not online for the draft and consequently, I didn’t know my team’s capabilities.

Come back every week for an update on the fantasy league and don’t forget; go Best Team!

Cornerstone Kid

CSD Fantasy Football League: Pre-Season Hype

Finally we have some players in the CSD Fantasy Football League!

I hope this is a great way to have fun with the kids and add some new spice when you are all watching the game.

Below is a listing of how the first six rounds played out, the teams and how Yahoo graded their draft picks. Unfortunately, I know the Baldhead Slicks, The Crushers and The Best Team didn’t participate in the draft because their dad committed to playing softball just before the draft date, so he had a game (okay, that was me).

Way to go dad, way to go…

So my kids learned already that sometimes, you’re a victim of things you just can’t control. You know, like the Lakers not getting Chris Paul because of David Stern.

Best wishes teams! May you all play hard, but I hope the Bald-one gets bragging rights in the end.


The Commish – BaldHeadSlick

Draft Report

League and Draft Report Card