CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 1 Fantasy Update


CSD Football Standings - Week 1

The first week of football is over and we found out who was good and who was, well, not so good. There are going to be some losers and there are going to be some winners in the league. However, all in my household lost by 25+ points. But this is just the start of a 14-game season and Yahoo thinks my brother is going to be 1-13 (which you can’t help but hope happens if you’re me), but you cannot always believe them. Granted, at least they say that I’m going to be nice and cozy in third place. Here is what Yahoo said about the fantasy games:

William’s Team picked up the third-highest player point total of the week from Victor Cruz (29.80) and defeated The Best Team [me] 132.70 –

99.32. The Best Team was led by Aaron Rodgers with 25.62 points and Andre Johnson who scored 14.60. The Best Team opens at 0-1 and FluffyKittens picked up the highest score this week from Peyton Manning (46.28) to put a thrashing on BaldHeadSlicks 130.48 – 88.92.

Father_N_TwoBoys put up the highest point total this week to get the win over The Crushers 176.18 – 149.18. While both sides played quite well, Father_N_TwoBoys scored 41.1% more points than projected (124.82) to pick up the win. Colin Kaepernick brought in the second-highest score for the week with 30.68 points for The Crushers.

Opening 0-1 is not good for me (especially because I’m named the Best Team) but it was the first week and I was not online for the draft and consequently, I didn’t know my team’s capabilities.

Come back every week for an update on the fantasy league and don’t forget; go Best Team!

Cornerstone Kid

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