2013 CSD Fantasy Football Winner Is… Father_N_TwoBoys!

Final Fantasy UpdateLombardi.Trophy.closeup

In the end, there is always one winner. But in this fantasy football season, there were almost two. With the season ending last week, some were not happy about their place in the standings, while others are very happy about where they stood. If there is one way a championship should end, I want it to be a close one. That’s what happened last week with a match-up that was almost close enough to set a record. Here is what Yahoo had to say about it.

Father_N_TwoBoys got 18.30 points from Demaryius Thomas and 16.00 from the St. Louis Rams Defense, stealing one from BaldHeadSlicks 99.94 – 98.48. The playoff win was notable, with the 1.46-point margin of victory being the third-smallest recorded in the league this season. Father_N_TwoBoys has been coming up strong regularly and has now won four straight. Father_N_TwoBoys wins their second matchup with BaldHeadSlicks in as many games, and their head-to-head record improves to 3-1. BaldHeadSlicks concluded the regular season in second place with a record of 9-5. With a scoring average of 119.62, they also placed second in the league in that metric. This season, BaldHeadSlicks had the league’s best average scoring margin, defeating opponents by 30.81 points per game.

Playing for third place was FluffyKittens and william’s team. That game was not as notable, as FluffyKittens came out on top 152.00125.28.

The fight for fifth place was even less notable, as The Best Team tried to beat Cool Cats. The Best Team celebrated victory when the owner won 137.6483.32.

Congratulations to Father_N_TwoBoys for taking the trophy (P.S. there’s no trophy), and may you have more success in your fantasy football career.

To everyone else, thanks for playing and thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this season.

Cornerstone Kid

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