Send A Kid To Gym Class and You Build Him For A Day; Dad, Teach Him the Deadlift and Build Him For A Lifetime


Deadlift on SmithMachine

The road to more athleticism, muscle and aging currency is paved with the deadlift. I’m taking  great pleasure in teaching my son the lift while he’s still young and establishing a solid base of strength. Of course I say, “taking”, because this will be an ongoing process as it may take many months for him to learn how to deadlift and squat properly. However, he’ll carry the knowledge and coordination for the rest of this life instead of the injuries like I do from being young and dumb (okay, I was 27 but young in experience).

That said, today was the first time in my life I think of had someone to record me performing an exercise, so I was able to critique my own form during Rack Deadlifts. While I still think my form could be a bit tighter, I’m glad to see my back stayed rigid. In a…

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