Here We Go Again…Racist Pastor Rails Against ‘Colored People’ and Biracial Babies

wbc and kkk

I applauded the letter written HERE by a “white” pastor calling for other “white” Christians to speak out for justice as he asked,

Where is your conscience?  Where is the little light you promised to shine for Christ?  You have put it beneath a bushel and suffocated it.”

So what will you do about those INSIDE the church speaking as this pastor is from the pulpit?

Sermons are often interrupted to discuss Phil Roberson and his statements about homosexuality and defending his right of speech. Sermons are often interrupted to discuss politics, as though God is a Democrat or Republican. But in my 30+ years of being in various churches, I’ve NEVER heard a “white” pastor call out racism in his own community/church body.


…and I’m not talking about the, “…and we must love everybody because God loves us whether we’re black, yellow, red, blue, we’re all brothers and sisters in Christ!”

I don’t know any red, blue or whatever color invades your mind at that time.

I’m waiting on someone to go-in the same way this guy did with his congregation, and as you see, he had no shortage of “AMEN!s” either.

Perhaps that’s why it’s not done in most pulpits today, because they might be worried if they did speak out against racism, AMENs might be hard to come by in a majority “white” congregation.

Some say that Satan’s biggest trick on mankind today is making people think he doesn’t exist.

Maybe racist are pulling the same thing on most congregations today.

I hate to inform many of you with this news, but even with “black” members in your congregation, most are still thinking about how your church feels about racial issues. They don’t forget just because they smile and say “Praise the Lord” when they shake the usher’s hand at the door.

If the Church as a whole, continues its silence and not speak out against the racism in the ranks with the same amount of fervor that it does with so many other (sometimes trivial) issues, “black” Christians will continue to wonder whether they are a brother in Christ, or a brother to the Klan like this guy.


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