CSD Loses a Family Member – Video From Rob’s Memorial In L.A.


First, thanks so much to Rob’s USC family for putting this together!

A little over a month ago, God called our Brother Rob home and you can read more about him HERE.

Someone from Rob’s days at USC made a video that I wanted to share here as well. This is fantastic, and I think it captures the special guy Rob was, his infectious joy and laughter, and his determination to always “keep it real”. Don’t believe me? Watch Rob not get star struck at Morris Chestnut! We hated Rob’s stories about all the movie stars he met at USC and thought he was exaggerating. Then one day we went to see House Party 2, filmed at USC,  and all of a sudden it looked like he walked past in the movie. You never saw his face in the shot, but we all knew that “Robert walk”. Guess the brother wasn’t lying!




One comment

  1. will · March 25, 2015

    Yea he touched many luves


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