CornerstoneDads and Sons Week 4 Fantasy Update



This is going to end up being the best week of my season, titled, “The Time I Took the Lead”. But the only thing that I’m having trouble with is that the guy I told you couldn’t change his lineup, still can’t. The bad part is, his QB had a bye week, allowing me to take the lead. But I had the chance to talk to him again, this time saying the commissioner of the league will soon send him an email hopefully letting him come back into the league. But, personally, I think he’ll do just fine even without changing his lineup, seeing that this week’s lose is the first for him. So he should do just fine (until everybody else has a bye). Plus, I’m sure I’ll get over this guilt when I go up against him in week 6 and probably beats me.

Here is what Yahoo! said about the games in the league.

The Best Team earned their third consecutive win when they trashed The Crushers 137.92 – 82.44. They were led by Darren Sproles who had 24.20 points and Jimmy Graham who had 22.00. The streak is the result of some high scoring by The Best Team, who owns the second-highest overall point total in the league this season and is averaging 126.60 points per matchup. On top of the loss, The Crushers got zero points from Steven Jackson. The Crushers holds steady in sixth place with a 0-4 record. The Best Team is in first place having also recently blown through BaldHeadSlicks (149.60 – 136.50) and FluffyKittens (119.56 – 118.56).

BaldHeadSlicks (fifth place, 2-2, 484.02 points) drops william’s Team (3-1, 455.88 points) out of the league’s top spot after beating them 141.12 – 99.80. They also got the second-highest point total in the league this week. Each side hit their projections, but BaldHeadSlicks put up 25.9% more points than projected (112.08) to earn the win. william’s Team was led by Victor Cruz with 22.40 points and the Denver Broncos Defense who scored 18.00. On top of the loss, william’s Team got goose eggs from both Cam Newton and Rob Gronkowski.

Father_N_TwoBoys (2-2, 547.36 points) beat FluffyKittens (2-2, 493.50 points) 173.42 – 131.28, putting up the second-highest point total this season. Father_N_TwoBoys had a 92.40 – 57.00 advantage after the early games on Sunday. The tide turned in favor of FluffyKittens by a 0.18-point margin following the Sunday night game. However, Father_N_TwoBoys pulled out the victory with a comeback on Monday night.

Remember when I barely beat FluffyKittens? With a stat correction taking place last week, it was even closer. I beat the Kittens by one point, not only the closest game of the season, but the closest game of this league’s two seasons. That one’s going into the record book, alright.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s update and see you next time!

Cornerstone Kid

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